Making Quick and Easy Pizza Breads

What’s the activity?

Making quick and easy pizza breads. They are tasty for lunch and really quick and easy to make (hence the name :D) My boys always like to get involved in making something in the kitchen, and these give quicker results than real pizzas as you don’t have to wait for them to bake- you just fry it in a frying pan and it is done in a couple of minutes. The result is kind of a cross between a pizza and a sandwich
How do we do it?makingpizzabread

  • Take a packet of wraps, or any kind of thin flat round bread
  • Get the children to spread this with your choice of sauce. We used red pesto but tomato puree also works, or any kind of tomato-based sauce.
  • Get the children to grate some cheese and then sprinkle it over their bread.
  • Fold in half, and they are ready to be fried.

cookthebreadIt takes a couple of minutes each side, until the bread starts to brown and the cheese will melt on the inside. This gives a cheese and tomato pizza kind of taste!

All ready to eat!

eatingMr T liked it too, I just didn’t manage to get a pic of him eating it. He moves too quick sometimes!

What did your little one enjoy about it?

The boys love to do an activity where they get an end result that they can be proud of. They all enjoyed the taste of these pizza breads and felt so pleased that they had cooked their own lunch. I like this, as the obvious result is that they do end up eating it. If I just presented them with the food, I would have got a mixed reaction but once they see what has gone into it they are more enthusiastic and want to try. The bit they enjoyed most was grating and spreading the cheese!

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  1. Thanks so much for joining my meme with this great post, I love the concentration on their faces, and I think Joss would like to get involved with spreading as she is getting interested in cutlery at the moment! Thanks again!


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