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The boys were introduced to DC Super Friends a while back with the launch of the DC Super Friends magazine. I was really happy to see a new range of DC Super Friends books available from Bantam Publishing as DC Super Friends are the perfect super heroes for my boys. For those not already familiar with DC Super Friends, the books include all the well known and loved super heroes from Marvel such as Superman and Batman but they are in a softer cartoon style and aimed at slightly younger children.

DC Super Friends Books from Random House

We were sent a selection of two early reader books and two activity books, all featuring DC Super Friends.

Each of these books sell for £3.99 each which is great value. The activity books contain a variety of educational activities which will suit children of around 5 years old. Mr Z is 5 years old and found that he was able to complete the activities without much difficulty, but he really enjoyed them. 

DC Super Friends Activity book


The activities include colouring, matching, tracing words, mazes and lots more. These will also be really suitable for Mr T once Mr Z passes the book on to him. It’s so handy that the activity book is wipe clean as this means I will be able to get use out of it with all three children, which is such brilliant value. My boys always love the wipe clean pens and enjoy wiping away their work afterwards. I think it is an extra novelty value for them, but it’s very convenient.

dc super friends activity book


Here’s Mr Z busy designing his own super hero symbol on one of the activity pages.

dc super friends activity book


We were also really impressed with the early reader books. Like most mums, I love anything that encourages my kids to enjoy reading. Although Mr Z’s reading is coming along pretty well, I do think about trying to choose books that he will really enjoy so that reading can stay fun and not feel like a chore. The DC Super Friends books definitely fit the bill in that regard.

DC Super Friends Early Reader books


Mr Z was immediately attracted to the books and enjoyed both of these stories. I can see myself adding more of these books to his collection. He didn’t find them too challenging, so they are quite a relaxed and enjoyable book for him to read.

The story of Hero Havoc is all about a super hero called Bizarro from another planet who wants to be more super so he come to Earth to learn from the DC Super Friends but ends up saving the day in his own way.

dc super friends early reader hero havoc

Crime Wave is about a baddy, Black Manta trying to steal a precious pearl but the DC Super Friends are able to save the day.

The colours on the top of the books do seem to match up to reading levels as you would get in schools. This is not explicitly written on the books but from my experience of school reading books, I would say that they do match and I have seen on Amazon that there are other levels available at a slightly more challenging level than these two.

I would definitely recommend these books as a great way to practise early learning skills in a fun way.

Do your children like DC Super Friends, or are they new to you? Let me know in the comments. 

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