The Best Easter Eggs Guide

The Easter holidays have started here for the kids and we are already looking forward to the long Easter weekend. Although we are not Christian, the Easter break is a fun time for us and is more about spending time with family, enjoying the Spring and of course enjoying a bit of chocolate too! The boys are always excited to have some chocolate so I have been having a look for the best Easter eggs.

The Best Easter Eggs gift guide

I had a look on the Thorntons website and came up with these ideas:

For the Kids

Thorntons Kids Easter Gifts

Bernie Bear Toy

The boys would be sure to love any of this selection with great themed eggs from racing cars to rockets! The prices seem really reasonable too.
I couldn’t forget the grown ups! So here’s my selection of the best Easter eggs for the big people in the family 🙂
Thorntons Easter Egg Ideas


I love the unique flavours and designs of all of them! Which one would you like the most? Let me know in the comments!

As a thanks for sharing this post with you, we will receive some Easter chocolate 

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  1. There seems to be less Thorntons shops around than there used to be – I must find one now I’ve spotted the Raspberry Cheesecake egg on your post!!


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