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Summer is here, and all N wants to do these days is get outside! We took some inspiration from Bing, and the new Bings Garden Lift the Flap book from Harper Collins, and decided to make a nature collage for a fun and creative outdoor activity.

There’s also a free printable spinning rainbow wheel that you can get from the Bing website, to use for your collage. Spin the wheel, then find something of that colour to stick on your collage. Will it be a green leaf, a yellow dandelion or maybe a red flower petal? Download yours here

We just made a little hole and then stuck ours on top of a spinning top toy that we had in the house – super easy!

N has been really enjoying this book. She loves flap books, and watches Bing most mornings on CBeebies, so this became a firm favourite from the first time we read it, and we’ve read it over and over again every day since – indoors and out!

We had lots of fun collecting the leaves and flowers for our collage. My bigger kids helped with gathering those too on a local walk, and then N was kept busy for ages sticking everything down. I gave her a squeezy liquid glue stick for this, you could also use PVA glue with a spreader – both of these will work slightly easier than the pritt stick type with leaves and twigs. We also added some Bing stickers and craft feathers for a splash of colour.

N is 18 months old, and this simple activity was great for her age. If you have a slightly younger Bingster, I would suggest that instead of paper and glue you could try making a nature collage using sticky back plastic (contact paper) as it’s so easy for them to stick the pieces on that way – and lots of fun! You can mount the sticky back plastic on a window and let the light shine through too, for a nature collage sun catcher.

N had so much fun being a nature explorer like Bing, and has been having lots of fun playing with her new Bing toys too. We were sent some brilliant Bing products, and like the book these captured her imagination straight away. It’s been really nice to see her playing with the little Bing figures, starting to some little role plays putting Bing and Flop in and out of the vehicles.

And her cuddly Bing has been a great companion for our her nature hunt. These Bing toys are available from Fisher Price.

Do you have a little Bingster? You can watch the Bing Nature Explorer episode here!

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