NanoStyle Jewelry Review – Say I Love You in 120 Languages

NanoStyle Jewellery – Choose a Unique Gift for Your Loved One

NanoStyle Jewelry is one of the most unique jewellery collections I have seen. In a collaboration of scientists and jewelry designers, Nano Jewelry have forged together something really special. Their range includes inscribed nano jewellery, with tiny detailed inscriptions allowing you say so much within a small piece of jewellery. 

This nano inscription jewellery uses never before seen technology with the traditions of jewellery craftsmen to create a collection of gifts that speaks to the heart of uniqueness. This stunning range of jewelry is so unique that it comes with its own magnifying glass so you can see the imprint. It is truly something beautiful.

NanoStyle jewellery necklace review saying I love you in 120 languages

From this Nano inscription range, We opted for the Spinning I Love You necklace in 120 languages. The concept of this necklace is so meaningful – when “I love you” in one language is not enough, you can say it in 120 languages to emphasise the depth of your love.

This is especially beautiful and apt if you and your partner are a multi-lingual or multi-national couple like my husband and I. It’s a sweet moment to look together through the magnifying glass and find “I love you” in the languages that mean the most to you.

NanoStyle necklace review saying I love you in 120 languages with nano inscription

We managed to spot the Arabic, and also the Portuguese.. and of course there are still 118 more so you will definitely be likely to find the words that speak the most to your heart. The necklace has a beautiful subtle design. Until you look closely with the magnifying glass you wouldn’t be able to decipher all of these words, meaning that the message is kept like a secret love note between your partner and yourself. As you wear it, it will be a little reminder throughout the day of how much you love each other. 

magnifying glass for nanostyle jewellery necklaces

The little magnifying glass included in the box just flips out, and is easy to use. Including this with the necklace makes the gift feel really special and it is such a different and unique concept. 

You also get a certificate of authenticity which provides you with a warranty against defects. 

nanostyle jewelry certificate of authenticity

The I love You in 120 languages necklaces are available in both male and female styles, so this gift can be given from husband to wife, wife to husband, for boyfriend or girlfriend, same sex couples or even for any of your beloved family members to say I love you in a non-romantic way as platonic and familial love is also a deep and beautiful thing. 

The I Love You in 120 Languages Nano Inscription necklaces are available in a variety of metals from 14k Gold (both yellow and white Gold available) or 925 Sterling Silver. You can also go for Gold or Silver plated options, depending on your preferences. 

nanostyle necklace I love you in 120 languages

Jewelry is a classic and timeless option for gifts, which suits every special occasion. With the loving message, this NanoStyle necklace would work perfectly for a Valentines gift but also makes a meaningful gift for your loved one on their birthday or Christmas Day. Reminding someone of how much they are loved always brings a smile to their face, and makes that special day even more magical. 

The NanoStyle necklace come packaged neatly inside a gift box, along with the magnifying glass, making it convenient and ideal for gift giving. 

nanostyle gift box

You also get a little sheet with instructions and advice to help maintain your new jewellery in the best condition. 

jewellery instructions to keep in good condition

The necklace that we selected is available for $149. Check out the NanoStyle website to see the full range and choose the piece of jewellery that will be perfect for your loved one. 

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