Nanny Fox

Orion Books recently sent us a lovely picture book: Nanny Fox by Georgie Adams and Selina Young.

nanny fox book coverNanny Fox is all about Arnold the Fox who unlike the rest of his community, loved chickens as friends not as food!

It’s a lovely book about friendship and how Arnold and the chicks forged a great relationship despite foxes and chicks normally being foes! It’s a positive message for children about not judging people by first impressions and giving them a chance. The chickens could very well have sent Arnold packing but instead they gave him a chance and they ended up forming a great bond! It also shows how Arnold was not afraid to stand up and be different from the rest of his family, by sticking to what he believed in rather than just following the pack and munching down all the chicks.

The illustrations are colourful with lots of character and expression and are very appealing and the way the text is written is also really good with lots of humour. It kept my 3 and 5 year olds entertained throughout. My 5 year old really enjoyed the bit where all of Arnold’s family start talking about how delicious they find eating all the chicks, and all the different comments his family members made.

page spread from nanny fox

This is a great story book to add to any young child’s collection and I could see it being really popular with most preschoolers

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