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MoneySuperMarket are running another competition, to find out all about what is on our “Bucket Lists”, what are the ultimate things we would love to achieve and tick off our lists during our lives.

It’s easy to think of ideas if money is no object. There are so many places in the world that I would love to see, so the first things that jump to mind for me are travel related, however the first item on my list is a journey that is made not just for sightseeing or enjoyment purposes. Rather it is a journey to fulfil a spiritual goal and to reconnect. This is something that I have wished to do since I was much younger; something that fills the heart with longing and hopefully changes it for the better on it’s return. A journey that will give a sense of peace. A journey which has famously changed the lives and outlook of others who have gone before, such as Malcom X.

This journey is the Hajj. The Islamic pilgramage. My ultimate bucket list aim.

I have been fortunate enough to go and do Umrah (the smaller pilgramage) before we had children, so I have seen the kaabah and done tawaf. I have prayed in the Haram, and in Masjid an Nabawi and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to do this. (Alhamdulillah) The moment of seeing the Kaabah for the first time is something really special. It is in this direction that we turn to pray 5 times each day so to finally see this in front of your eyes is so surreal.

kaabah haram umrah
A photo from our 2007 Umrah trip

But Hajj would be on the next level. It is a much more challenging journey. To think of all those who have gone before and completed the same journey, every year for more than 1400 years so many people have been coming, from every country in the world, all with the same purpose. And to then think of our children and children’s children and the future generations continuing this as time goes on – to me this is an amazing thing and it must be my ultimate bucket list aim.

However, knowing that money is an issue for a lot of people at the moment, MoneySuperMarket have also asked us to come up with a budget bucket list. There are loads of simple things I would love to do which I have not yet achieved so here is mine:

The back to nature list:

  • Camping – I have never done this but we will be going this summer, so that will be one thing ticked off the list already! I quite fancy roasting some marshmallows under the stars πŸ˜€
  • Take the kids to a bluebell woods – Somehow we have never done this! We have been to normal woods, but the bright blue of the bluebell woods is really beautiful and I would love to take them, great for photos too!
  • Ditto Lavender fields! I loved the smell of lavender since I was little
  • Stay in a lake house – secluded and relaxing and calm. After running around after the kids and rushing from appointment to appointment all the time, I sometimes crave something like this. Somewhere that is just quiet!

The practical list:

  • Pass my driving test – I have been learning now for well over a year and had about 3x the amount of lessons most people have! 3rd attempt coming up and if I finally pass I can stop spending so much on lessons every week and get more freedom and spontaneity to go where I want, when I want. I really really do hope I can get this one ticked off my list soon!!
  • Making a decent biryani – My cooking is not too bad but this is one dish which never comes out so well, and I feel like it is the mark of a proper mum who can cook biryani when guests come over, so I would like to master it!
  • Finish fixing up my garden and redecorating my house – It would give me a lot of satisfaction to feel that there is not so much left in the house which drastically needs doing! I will be making a few steps in this direction so do look out for those posts coming up soon πŸ˜‰

The just for fun list:

  • Take the kids to Butlins – I keep meaning to take them. I used to go every year as a kid so it is something I would just like to do with them
  • Take the kids to see some peacocks – Maybe in Richmond Park. I love peacocks! Again its something I remember enjoying when I was a child so I want to go and experience with the kids
  • Go on a big holiday with the kids, their cousins and all of the close relatives
  • Take the kids ice skating
  • Take a break and go on a mini holiday with my best friend (Mumtographer)

The long term list:

  • See my kids grow up, get married and have kids – Obviously don’t know what the future holds, but I hope they experience this and I would love to see it
  • Travel all over the world with my husband – Once the kids are fully grown, we are looking forward to seeing some of the world’s great places together. As we had them young, I am hoping we have plenty of years left do this once they are bigger!
  • Spend some time focusing on helping others – I have thought about volunteering for Home start, training to be a portage home visitor, or even fostering children once mine are quite a bit older. I would have to consider the best way for me to do these things and balance it with my own children’s needs but it is definitely important to me to make sure I achieve something worthwhile and have the opportunity to help others as others have helped me in life.

There are so many more things I could add to my lists, and endless extra categories I could add. I hope I manage to achieve as many of these as I can, but I know that as long as we enjoy each day spending time with loved ones, making the most of our time, making memories and helping others along the way, letting our loved one know and feel how loved they are and enjoying each moment – then the specifics and details of the lists do not matter, we will have no regrets.

This is my entry for the MoneySuperMarket Budget Bucket Lists Competition and I would like to tag the following 3 friends to take part in the competition:

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You can find out more about the competition here

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    • yes do it, and enter with moneysupermarket there is a little bit more time left before the deadline, might be end of the month??

  1. I would say the #1 thing to do on my bucket list would be hajj as well insha’Allah we are both blessed with the opportunity to go.

    Biryani is a tough dish to master. Good luck! πŸ™‚


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