260+ Best Adorable Girl Names for Female Guinea Pigs

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So, you’ve just gotten a new girl guinea pig, and you’re at the right place to pick the perfect name for your furry friend! Congratulations on your new girl guinea pig! Naming a new pet guinea pig can be as exciting as welcoming them into your home. 

Guinea pigs are loving creatures, wonderful pets that bring joy and amusement to their owners. These furry pets, with their expressive eyes and endearing nature, deserve great names that resonate with their personality. 

best adorable names for a girl guinea pig

Whether you’re a new guinea pig owner or an experienced guinea pig lover, naming your pet can sometimes be a challenging task. But don’t worry! Whether you’re looking for unique guinea pig names, funny guinea pig names, or a beautiful name that complements your pet’s personality, we have compiled a list of names that will give you a good choice to pick from.

This list promises a plethora of name ideas. From traditional names to unique ones, there’s something for every guinea pig lover here.

Girly and Cute Names for Guinea Pigs

Finding the perfect name for your furry pet can be both a delightful and daunting task, especially when there’s a vast world of names to choose from. Whether you’ve just welcomed a new girl guinea pig into your home or are planning to adopt one soon, naming is an essential first step to bond with your petite companion. 

From the common to the unique, and from the adorable to the downright fun, our list has been curated keeping in mind the charm and femininity that your little girl guinea pig exudes. Dive into our handpicked collection of girl guinea pig names that range from timeless favorites to the best and most adorable choices out there. 

  1. Millie
  2. Lily
  3. Rosie
  4. Sophie
  5. Bella
  6. Daisy
  7. Mia
  8. Lulu
  9. Poppy
  10. Tilly
  11. Gracie
  12. Lucy
  13. Chloe
  14. Zoey
  15. Dolly
  16. Ruby
  17. Ellie
  18. Gigi
  19. Layla
  20. Angel
  21. Fifi
  22. Candy
  23. Ivy
  24. Mimi
  25. Honey
  26. Penny
  27. Lottie
  28. Olive
  29. Pixie
  30. Winnie

These names exude femininity, charm, and a touch of sweetness — perfect for a delightful and girly guinea pig companion! If you would like an official sounding name, many of these can be lengthened into more formal longer versions too eg Dorothy for Dolly or Wilhelmina for Winnie so either way, your cute baby guinea pig has a formal name to grow into. 

If you would like your peg guinea pigs names to tie into her color then we have got you covered too… check our lists below for a fun name that ties into the color of your small pet and her fur. Each list of guinea pig names by color will help you find the right adorable name whatever the breed of the guinea pig, and her look or personality. 

Best Cute Names for Black Guinea Pigs

A black guinea pig is like a small, soft shadow. Celebrate its beautiful shade with names that match its elegant look.

For those with black guinea pigs, giving them a name that highlights their beautiful dark fur can be a great idea.

best names for black guinea pigs female
  1. Midnight
  2. Ebony
  3. Shadow
  4. Onyx
  5. Jet
  6. Sable
  7. Charcoal
  8. Coal
  9. Rave
  10. Panther
  11. Velvet
  12. Inky
  13. Twilight
  14. Nightshad
  15. Noir
  16. Smokey
  17. Eclipse
  18. Cosmo
  19. Phantom
  20. Haze
  21. Blackberry
  22. Ninja
  23. Galaxy
  24. Starry
  25. Obsidia
  26. Ash
  27. Pitch
  28. Stormy
  29. Licorice
  30. Voodo
  31. Char
  32. Cinder
  33. Coalie
  34. Enigma
  35. Silhouette
  36. Dusk
  37. Shade
  38. Tar
  39. Umbra
  40. Void
  41. Midnighter
  42. Blackout
  43. Nocturne
  44. Caviar
  45. Gala  
black guinea pig

These names celebrate the beautiful dark hue and can suit guinea pigs with black fur or even those with a predominant black pattern. The names range from mysterious and cosmic-inspired to nature-oriented.

Adorable Names for White Guinea Pigs

A white guinea pig, with its pristine white coat, deserves a name as beautiful as it is. Dive into these names inspired by the innocence of white fur.

white guinea pig
  1. Snowflake
  2. Ivory
  3. Luna
  4. Angel
  5. Misty
  6. Pearl
  7. Blizzard
  8. Marshmallow
  9. Crystal
  10. Frost
  11. Whisper
  12. Nimbus
  13. Stardust
  14. Chalky
  15. Purity
  16. Glacier
  17. Dove
  18. Ivory
  19. Lacey
  20. Mist
  21. Porcelain
  22. Cream
  23. Alabaster
  24. Sugar
  25. Snowdrop
  26. Icicle
  27. Opal
  28. Feather
  29. Moonbeam
  30. Cloud
  31. Vanilla
  32. Swan
  33. Milky
  34. Talcum
  35. Polar
  36. Breeze
  37. Cotton
  38. Flurry
  39. Lumina
  40. Puff
  41. Pearl
  42. Frosty
  43. Coconut
  44. Snowbell 
  45. Snowgirl 

These names reflect the serenity, purity, and elegance of the color white, making them perfect for white guinea pigs or those with dominant white patterns.

Beautiful Names for Brown Guinea Pigs

Brown guinea pigs have a warmth to them. They exude a warm, earthy charm. Their color reminds us of nature, comforting chocolates, and rich coffee.Picking a name that complements their color can be a good name idea.

brown guinea pig
  1. Cocoa
  2. Hazel
  3. Caramel
  4. Mocha
  5. Toffee
  6. Pecan
  7. Walnut
  8. Truffle
  9. Chestnut
  10. Muddy
  11. Cappuccino
  12. Teddy
  13. Sienna
  14. Umber
  15. Latte
  16. Tawny
  17. Woody
  18. Sepia
  19. Toast
  20. Auburn
  21. Russet
  22. Caramel
  23. Mocha
  24. Mahogany
  25. Nutmeg
  26. Buckwheat
  27. Bran
  28. Twiggy
  29. Acorn
  30. Maple
  31. Fudge
  32. Pumpernickel
  33. Oatmeal
  34. Sable
  35. Maroon
  36. Toffee
  37. Biscuit
  38. Barley

These names cover a variety of brown shades and elements associated with the color, offering diverse naming options for brown guinea pigs. Whether it’s a deep, rich shade or a light, comforting hue, there’s a name for every shade of brown.

Food-Themed Names for Guinea Pigs

Our furry friends love to munch, making the edible theme a delightful naming avenue. If you’ve ever thought of naming your pet after a delicious treat, this list will surely cater to your whims. Guinea pigs certainly have an adorable habit of munching on their food, so why not give them a name inspired by a food item?

guinea pig eating
  1. Fondant
  2. Cookie
  3. Muffin
  4. Cherry
  5. Blueberry
  6. Honey
  7. Toffee
  8. Cinnamon
  9. Brownie
  10. Marshmallow
  11. Biscotti
  12. Nougat
  13. Gelato
  14. Pistachio
  15. Cupcake
  16. Pudding
  17. Sorbet
  18. Trifle
  19. S’mores
  20. Raisin
  21. Macaron
  22. Peppermint
  23. Popcorn
  24. Sherbet
  25. Tart
  26. Jellybean
  27. Creme Brûlée
  28. Sundae

Considering guinea pigs are as lovable as some popular Disney characters, naming them after your favorite ones might be a great place to start. Disney has been a part of a lot of TV time for many of us. Use the magic of these characters to name your beloved pet.

  1. Belle (from Beauty and the Beast)
  2. Ariel (from The Little Mermaid)
  3. Moana
  4. Nala (from Lion King)
  5. Elsa (from Frozen)
  6. Jasmine (from Aladdin)
  7. Tinkerbell
  8. Merida (from Brave)
  9. Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty)
  10. Esmeralda (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  11. Megara (from Hercules)
  12. Mulan
  13. Pocahontas
  14. Rapunzel (from Tangled)
  15. Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog)
  16. Wendy (from Peter Pan)
  17. Daisy (from Mickey Mouse universe)
  18. Bambi
  19. Vanellope (from Wreck-It Ralph)
  20. Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh)
  21. Thumper (from Bambi)
  22. Dory (from Finding Nemo/Finding Dory)
  23. Pascalina (female version of Pascal from Tangled)

Unique Names Based on Your Guinea Pig’s Personality

Every guinea pig has a unique personality with its own quirks and habits. Whether they’re spirited, calm, or a little mischievous, there’s a perfect fit for every type of personality.  Delve into their personalities and pick a name that feels just right.

best names for guinea pigs female
  1. Sparkle
  2. Diva
  3. Pippin
  4. Rogue
  5. Bubbles
  6. Giggles
  7. Mischief
  8. Dancer
  9. Bubbly
  10. Sassy
  11. Chill
  12. Wiggles
  13. Dash
  14. Sunny
  15. Dreamer
  16. Mellow
  17. Rogue
  18. Pounce
  19. Spirited
  20. Serene
  21. Cheeky
  22. Brave
  23. Shy
  24. Peppy
  25. Snoozer
  26. Whiskers
  27. Lively
  28. Zippy

Don’t forget you can also use combinations of names to come up with something that is really cute and makes the perfect name choice. 

Names for a Pair of Guinea Pigs

If you’ve adopted a pair of guinea pigs, it’s fun to give them names that complement each other. Pairs of guinea pigs are fun. Think of names that sound great together for your dynamic duo!

best names for pairs of guinea pigs female
  1. Salt & Pepper
  2. Peanut & Butter
  3. Moon & Star
  4. Honey & Bee
  5. Thunder & Lightning
  6. Daisy & Rose
  7. Lilo & Stitch
  8. Peanut & Jelly
  9. Sun & Moon
  10. Tango & Cash
  11. Sugar & Spice
  12. Hugs & Kisses
  13. Salt & Vinegar
  14. Stars & Stripes
  15. Cocoa & Cream
  16. Day & Night
  17. Biscuit & Gravy
  18. Thunder & Lightning
  19. Merry & Pippin (from Lord of the Rings)
  20. Rhythm & Blues
  21. Tick & Tock
  22. Gin & Tonic
  23. Taylor & Swift
  24. Surf & Turf
  25. Peaches & Cream

Guinea pigs are small pets, but they leave a big imprint on our hearts. The process of naming them can take a lot of time and thought, but it’s an enjoyable journey. At first glance, you might have a hard time deciding, but with this list, you’re sure to find the right name for your little friend. Remember, your guinea pig’s name is a reflection of its unique personality, and there’s no wrong choice! Whether it’s a funny name, traditional name, or a name inspired by your favorite things, your pet guinea pig will surely come to love it as much as you do.

best names for guinea pigs female

Whether your guinea pig sports long hair, a cute white fur patch, or reminds you of your favorite TV character, it’s all about finding that perfect guinea pig name. The journey from the pet store to your home has been a long way, but naming your new friend will create memories for a lifetime. 

Guinea pigs might be low maintenance, but choosing a name for them surely isn’t! Whether you lean towards cute guinea pig names, fun boy names, or even names of some first ladies, just remember, it’s the love and care you give them that counts the most. Happy naming!

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