Instagram for Parenting Inspiration: Following the Best Parenting Accounts

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By Luciana Oliveira

It doesn’t take a village to raise a child anymore; it takes an entire Internet! Social media has allowed parents to get together to inspire, share stories, and improve their parenting skills. Instagram is a platform built for that, with many parents and parenting publications sharing their photos, videos, and travels as people raising kids and trying their best. Many buy Instagram live video views and showcase their travels worldwide, and that’s a wholesome thing if we say so ourselves.

Let’s celebrate the world of parenting by looking at several accounts worth following, and why they’re great for those looking for great parenting accounts.

This is an account where all single, married, or complicated mothers will thrive. uploads photos consisting of parenting tips, funny memes, family photos, and more. They make videos that inspire and give help to moms who need it. The world of being a mom is funny, heartwarming, and challenging, and we believe is the perfect encapsulation of all that.

The Dad

If we have an account dedicated to being a mom, we might as well have one for dads. The Dad is an Instagram account celebrating fatherhood, collecting the best memes, tweets, and videos of dads being dads. You can expect it to be chock full of dad jokes, wisdom, and tips on being the best dad ever. We recommend following this account if you are a dad or a dad appreciator.

How to Raise a Kid

This Instagram account comes from HuffPost, giving the latest news, tips, and discussions on being a parent. Even if you don’t agree with all of their findings, it’s still a fascinating page that you may want to check out. They explore a bunch of different and unique ways of doing things, so you can see as well just why they might do things a certain way.  You can learn a lot, from how your kid behaves to how you work as a parent.

Lunch Box Dad

One struggle as a parent is making delicious, nutritious, and fun food. Because we often have no time, we spend money on expensive fast food or processed foods. These aren’t healthy for you, or for the kids.

Luckily, Lunch Box Dad is here to save us. His page has quick and fun ways to make food that your kids, and the entire family, will love. You can find a variety of snacks ranging from full meals to school lunches and tempting treats.

Busy Toddler

We all know that the toddler era is infamous for your child disobeying, creating messes, and not to mention the terrible twos! But toddler parenting doesn’t have to be all bad. It can be a rewarding time for a parent, as proven by Busy Toddler. Here, you can find parenting tips and fun activities to do as a parent of a toddler. You may find that the terrible twos aren’t so awful if you know what you’re doing and understand how the toddler’s curious mind works.

Parenting Teens and Tweens

We all know how difficult the preteen and teen years can be for parents. Your child is developing into an adult, and as a result, they are starting to have their own identity, be rebellious, and you may feel like the child you once knew is no longer there. But the truth is that parenting teens can also be a fantastic experience if you accept the ins and outs it can bring you. Parenting Teens and Tweens proves this by giving you tips, humor, and other anecdotes as a parent of a teen.

Montessori on a Budget

Montessori is a learning style where children are given the freedom to learn and explore on their own. Many Montessori schools use this philosophy with positive results. But because these schools are private, they tend to be out of many parents’ budgets.

Not anymore. This account is dedicated to Montessori parenting without breaking the bank. You can find how to look for resources in an affordable way, tips on accomplishing Montessori parenting, and more. Worth checking out for sure.

Kids Who Explore

Many parents feel like kids don’t go outside anymore and that trying to get a child to enjoy the great outdoors is pointless. This is simply not the case. If done right, your child can love the great outdoors and not use the iPad as much. There’s a whole world of exploration, mystery, and fun waiting if you know where to look, and Kids Who Explore is here to show it.

Simply on Purpose

Positive parenting has become more popular recently. Many parents were raised by parents who use negative reinforcement, and research has been showing that there is a better way to raise a kid. Children have unique brains, and many don’t understand their actions. Instead of harming them, showing them why they need to do better can give better results not just in the now but in the future. Simply on Purpose explores positive parenting and everything that comes with it.

Remember, These Accounts Are Suggestions

As a parent, you will find many different accounts with many views on parenting. Parenting is almost like a science that is constantly changing, and there will be profiles that may have viewpoints you disagree with. Have a conversation and add how you parent to the mix. Be civil. Best of all, make friends as a parent and realize you are not alone in this crazy world.

Final Thoughts

What we love about Instagram is how much it brings together certain types of people worldwide, including parents. It’s not just a platform where you can post your experiences as a parent but also read about other people’s experiences and the newest ways to make your experience much more fun. Parenting is an adventure with its ups and downs, and by learning all you can, you can ensure that those ups are to the moon and those downs are rare. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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