#MumsMagicTricks – Practical Parenting Tips To Make Life Easier!

Parents are busy people. Especially with several little ones, there is always something happening and usually our to do list is a mile long. I know mine is! Whenever I can find something that helps to make my life a little easier and less hectic, it’s always a blessing. These little solutions can make a difference, saving from mess or extra work, saving time and preventing squabbles.

Simple ways to make life easier (parenting life hacks), save time and mess! #mumsmagictricks

Natwest got in touch with some of their ideas, or as they like to call them – #MumsMagicTricks.

Deal with your banking from your phone

natwest mobile banking app - get cash using your mobile phone if you left your card at home

With the Natwest mobile banking app you can save time by completing many of your banking tasks directly from your phone. (Or your iPad if you prefer) It’s fast, easy and very secure. You can use the app to make transfers, check your balance, and even to withdraw money from your account when you have left your debit card at home! That last one would definitely save the day on some occasions! I have been locked out of my house with just my phone, but no cards or handbag on more than one occasion! To withdraw money you are given a cash code which you can then use a maximum of twice per day at Natwest, RBS or a Tesco cashpoint, if you have a minimum of £25 available in your account.

Being able to check the balance or transfer money on the go is also really useful. Especially during summer when you are busy out and about, you don’t want to have to check everything on the laptop from home. The app is a real time saver. You can also use the app to find the location of your nearest cash machine, or to top up your mobile phone.

Here are some more of the simple #MumsMagicTricks, life hacks that help to make things easier. Some of these were suggested by Natwest, and some are my own. Let me know whether you do any of these or whether you have your own to add.

Shower curtain as a paint mat

Parenting life hacks - use a shower curtain as a painting matWhen painting, either indoors or outdoors, I often use some kind of covering to protect the table. I had normally been using oil cloth but Natwest suggested to try using a shower curtain. You could easily re-use an old one to prevent waste. This works brilliantly, the shower curtain contains all the spills and mishaps so you can just relax and enjoy seeing your kids get creative.

Coffee cup as a paint holder

Parenting life hacks - Use a coffee cup as a paint holderThis works very well with the shower curtain tip! These coffee cups are almost like they were made specially for the job of holding paint. The round top will prevent spills, and the hole is the perfect size for a few paint brushes. It’s genius.

Cake case to stop lolly drips

magichack1If you have a child who always manages to drip and drop with their lolly or ice cream then here is the solution. Make a small slit in the middle of a cake case, and push it on to the lolly stick. Ta-da – instant drip catcher! This will help prevent those extra sticky little hands, and drips getting down your child’s clothing.

Stickers to show which way. 

Parenting life hacks - stickers to help children learn which way around to put their shoesIt’s not always easy for little ones to grasp which shoe should be on which foot! Make it easier for them by adding half a sticker inside each shoe, then all they need to do is match up the picture and they will know that they have their shoes the right way round to be worn comfortably and correctly.

Egg Box to hold cards


When playing card games if your little ones find it hard to hold all their cards, perhap if their little hands are just too small for the job, then you can save the situation by giving them an egg box to rest their cards. Just make a small slit and then place the cards inside.

Come along to the #MumsMagicTricks Twitter party at 1pm-2pm on Tuesday 24th with @Britmums to share your #MumsMagicTricks – I’ll be there!

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