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Mr Men books are such a classic. I remember enjoying them as a child, and I know they were my husbands favourite when he was little too so it’s lovely to see our boys now enjoying these books. The Mr Men include such a wide variety of characters so there is always someone to appeal to everyone, and there seems to be a Mr Men character for every occasion and character trait!


We were recently sent the Mr Men complete collection set from The Works which includes all 47 of the Mr Men stories in its own special box that doubles up as a library.

mr men library complete collection

The boys were all so excited to see this little library. They do always enjoy books but the way this Mr Men set is presented appealed to them even more. As Mr Z (5) is the biggest Mr Men fan I’ve given him the books to keep in his room but all the boys enjoy these stories. I think Mr Men has such a wide appeal for all ages!

The box contains all the classic Mr Men you probably know and love from your own childhood, and also the newer Mr Men who have been added in more recent years, like Mr Nobody – the latest Mr Men book published in 2010.

mr men books

The full list of books contained is:

– Mr. Tickle
– Mr. Greedy
– Mr. Happy
– Mr. Nosey
– Mr. Sneeze
– Mr. Bump
– Mr. Snow
– Mr. Messy
– Mr. Topsy-Turvey
– Mr. Silly
– Mr. Uppity
– Mr. Small
– Mr. Daydream
– Mr. Forgetful
– Mr. Jelly
– Mr. Noisy
– Mr. Lazy
– Mr. Funny
– Mr. Mean
– Mr. Chatterbox
– Mr. Fussy
– Mr. Bounce
– Mr. Muddle
– Mr. Dizzy
– Mr. Impossible
– Mr. Strong
– Mr. Grumpy
– Mr. Clumsy
– Mr. Quiet
– Mr. Rush
– Mr. Tall
– Mr. Worry
– Mr. Nonsense
– Mr. Wrong
– Mr. Skinny
– Mr. Mischief
– Mr. Clever
– Mr. Busy
– Mr. Slow
– Mr. Brave
– Mr. Grumpy
– Mr. Perfect
– Mr. Cheerful
– Mr. Cool
– Mr. Rude
– Mr. Good
– Mr. Nobody

The set would make such a lovely gift for any child, and is a fantastic value way to get your hands on the full set! The RRP is RRP:£117.50 but it’s only £39.99 in The Works keeping the price down to well under a pound per book!

We love all the Mr Men so its quite hard to choose a favourite but Mr Z would probably go for Mr Slow and Mr Greedy. He finds them all so funny!

mr men library

If your little ones are Mr Men fans and want to try out some Mr Men activities, why not try some of these:

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Or make up your own original Mr Men character and write a story!

Do you have a favourite Mr Men character? Let me know in the comments

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