Mr Men Birthday Party

This year marks 45 years of Mr Men, and as May 9th is author Roger Hargreaves Birthday too, it is the perfect time for a Mr Men birthday party celebration! Egmont Publishing have just released a new Mr Men book called “Mr Men Birthday Party” which my children all enjoyed. Our Mr Men books are so well loved and have been read over and over again, so new additions to our Mr Men collection are always welcomed!


Mr Men Birthday Party tells the story of Mr Silly’s birthday party. Mr Birthday is supposed to be organising it, but is feeling under the weather so Little Miss Helpful steps in but unfortunately assigns tasks to the wrong people and the whole thing is starting to turn into a bit of a disaster…


It’s a great funny story in typical Mr Men style. There’s also a special personalised birthday book that you can order to feature your own child and the Silly Birthday.

You can add your child’s name, one of their friends names and even select your options so that the child in the illustration looks like your child, which gives great results. These personalised print to order Mr Men books would make a lovely birthday present to keep throughout the years. Like the main book, it also includes Mr Birthday and Mr Silly, and there are lots of laughs throughout the story.


To celebrate the Mr Men birthday we had our own little celebration at home complete with this super cute Little Miss cake, which is available from Tesco


Mr Men Costume

We decided to let our teddy get in on the fun and dressed him up as Mr Birthday from the Mr Men Birthday Party book. How cute does he look? This is a really simple costume which we made from a painted cereal box that we slipped over his arms, and we decorated his party hat with coloured duct tape and ribbon. You could easily up-size this costume to fit a child too, as long as you have a big enough box to use.



For your chance to win a copy of the new book Mr Men Birthday Party enter via the Gleam widget below.

Mr Men Birthday

Good luck!

Additionally, Egmont Publishing are running a Pin to Win competition offering one lucky winner the chance to win a bundle of Mr Men birthday goodies, so don’t miss the chance to enter that too.


62 thoughts on “Mr Men Birthday Party”

  1. I think they are great! I had a huge collection of Mr Man books when I was little! I love all the individual characters!

  2. I’d never realised that the first Mr Men book came out the same year as I was born! That must have been why there weren’t many when I first started reading them!

  3. I always think it’s fantastic when new Mr. Men books are released, I’ve loved them all my life and really enjoy reading them to my little boy…they are also some of the very few cartoon characters I can actually draw 😉

  4. I bought my son every Mr Men book there was when he was little (he’s 24 now!) & when he had his own child he read them at bedtime to her. Unfortunately he broke up with his partner & she kept the books so I bought them all for him again for Christmas! It seemed only right. I remember Mr Men read by Arthur Lowe on TV when I was a child & we have always loved them. New stories are always welcome.

  5. Mr men are classics that I had when i was younger i love that they are still as popular today and love the look of the new books!

  6. I love mr men & little miss, my nephew has always called me little miss scary, he has a mr men/little miss picked out for the whole family!

  7. My daughter loved the Mr Men and now her son’s love them so these new books would be a hit in her house

  8. Comment with your thoughts about the Mr Men and the new books . . . . .l loved them as a child and they are still relevant today

  9. Great classic books for children because they teach people that there are all sorts of personalities in people and we could accept people as they are.

  10. I love the idea of new Mr Men books as we have read and re-read the others lots. My Daughter can’t get enough of them!!

  11. One of my earliest memories is my dad reading Mr Bump to me, I would ask for it over and over again! My own little ones would be so pleased with this, thank-you! x

  12. I used to have the full collection as a child.. I remember checking the back page to see who to get next I think the idea of new characters is brilliant

  13. I love the Mr Men, they were a favourite of mine as a child and one thing I kept as an adult, as I couldn’t let them go 🙂 I think it’s great that there are new ones and so they can keep “fresh” for a new generation

  14. My daughter loved these when she was little, although she only had a few. The new ones are perfect titles for a child as a birthday present. They are ideal as a gift when your children get invited to parties


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