Robinson Crusoe Movie Review & Win a DVD Bundle

Robinson Crusoe is a new movie from Studio Canal, out in cinemas this week (May 6th) in both 2D and 3D. We went along to a preview screening of this movie in 3D, and would recommend it for the whole family.

Robinson Crusoe Still for competition

Robinson Crusoe is a fun adventure movie which is updated and different to the original Robinson Crusoe story by Daniel Defoe. In this movie, there is a strong animal character focus with Tuesday the parrot who becomes Robinson Crusoe’s friend. The story is told from Tuesday’s perspective as he had been living on a paradise island with his friends, but was always so curious about what lies beyond the island.

Robinson Crusoe gets shipwrecked onto the island, along with a ship full of pirates too! The story follows all of the fun and adventures they have, with plenty of humour moments along the way.

We really liked how colourful and bright the animation is. It was so effective in 3D, and all of my children enjoyed watching this story.

Watch the trailer here to get a glimpse at the movie:

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To celebrate this new release movie, Studio Canal are offering one lucky winner the chance to win a bundle of their other hit movies, Paddington, House of Magic, and Shaun the Sheep movie, along with some fun Robinson Crusoe goodies.

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For your chance to win, enter via the Gleam widget below

Robinson Crusoe

Good luck!

110 thoughts on “Robinson Crusoe Movie Review & Win a DVD Bundle”

  1. I used to love the story as a child and am looking forward to sharing my enjoyment with my children when we watch the film together

  2. I think the movie looks great! I lvoed the book when I was younger and this is a great way to introduce the story to a younger audience!

  3. It sounds a fun story, but I think I’d get a little frustrated with knowing the Daniel Defoe version!

  4. I haven’t seen it which is why I’d love to win this! 😀
    Looks like a great family film, would be a great present for my brother’s birthday!

  5. Would love to watch this with the grandchildren, if they don’t keep quiet they will get the back of my hand. LOL

  6. It’s good to. See a classic like This made into a family film it looks great fun and looking forward to going as afamily to see it

  7. this looks like the sort of film me and the hubby enjoy watching with the kids all snuggled under a giant blanket with some snacks 🙂

  8. My special needs 12yr old son is desperate to see this….we will go as soon as my youngest is better as she is just out of hospital after a week stay. My 9yr old will also like it even though he is fussy lol

  9. Looks great-hoping to start a little dvd collection for my son. I remember how I and my little sisters loved watching the same dvds over and over!!

  10. My son loves watching these sort of films! He loves adventures that make him giggle so I can’t wait to watch this with him!


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