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I’m normally a last minute gift buyer. With all of the day to day chores and commitments to juggle with the family, I usually end up leaving things until just before they need to be done and then rushing around. Recently though, I’ve been using MrLista  and it’s a great way to get organised and keep on top of gift buying.

T’s birthday is coming up in December, so I’ve been making a list for that and also a wish list for myself. Making lists can get quite addictive, so I’m sure I’ll be making more soon too. It is of course perfect for making and organising your Christmas gift lists too, especially if you have lots of friends and family to buy for.

How to easily organise your gift buying. MrLista is a great way to make and share wishlists

You can use MrLista via their website, – adding a bookmarklet to make for easy browsing and listing on any site, or via your iPhone. I’ve been doing a bit of both, and since you log in to create your lists, they will always be synced whatever device you’re using.


When you share a gift list, friends and family can mark things as purchased too, which is pretty handy if you want to avoid duplicate gifts.

I sent T’s list over to a few family members to have a browse, and they found it really useful. I normally give quite vague advice when asked for gift buying ideas, so they did let me know that they like this solution better and found it more practical.


MrLista is free to sign up to and use, and very intuitive so you’ll get to grips with it straight away. When browsing sites on your phone or tablet, it’s really easy to save something to MrLista in the same way that you would save an image to your camera roll, or send a link via message, without needing to open up the app to do it.

I’ve found MrLista really handy, so I would definitely recommend giving it a try to get your Christmas gift lists organised this year!

MrLista wishlist making app

4 thoughts on “MrLista The Ultimate Wishlist Maker”

  1. What a brilliant piece of software. I love the fact that you can download it on your iPhone and then share it with family and friends to give them ideas of what gifts to purchase, etc.

    I’ll definitely be having a go myself with it.

    Thanks for linking up to #TheWishlistLinky.

    Laura x


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