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Morrisons have recently started offering online grocery shopping and home delivery in my area. I was very keen to try it out as we had been impressed with our new local store in Watford. You might remember we went shopping there as part of the #MorrisonsMum campaign and bought lots of food for our picnic on Chesil Beach.

This time, we ordered food for our normal weekly routine, although it was Ramadan so of course our meal routine is a bit different! I was happy to see lots of Ramadan offers available on the Morrisons website while browsing.

Morrisons online shopping service

At the moment, we haven’t been in the habit of ordering groceries online very much. I did order for delivery often when the boys were very little but since getting a car we’ve tended to go and buy in store although it’s a lot more time consuming. I have been meaning to go back to ordering online, but the main issue that has put me off with other supermarkets is finding a time slot that’s convenient. I don’t want to order for delivery in 3 or 4 days time. If I have run out of certain supplies for the house, I really want it the next day. Perhaps I should be super organised so that I can order everything in advance, but unfortunately I’m not so I really don’t want a time slot half a week away. When I went to select my time slot with Morrisons, I was able to choose one for the very next day – even though that was on a Sunday, so I was really happy with that. They give one hour time slots which is perfect.

My order arrived in the first ten minutes of our delivery slot and the driver was really helpful. As it was my first home delivery order with Morrisons he took the time to explain everything and make sure that the process ran smoothly. I had no missing items and no substitutions, and the driver checked all the bags to make sure there were no breakages before giving them to me. All the items come in bags which are labelled as fridge, freezer, cupboard etc which saves a bit of time when putting things away in the kitchen. I was also pleased to find that you can save your bags and return them to your driver for recycling with your next order – even bags from other supermarkets can be returned for recycling!

Once I started unpacking my order I was surprised to see this little guy had been included as a welcome gift! What a sweet touch. I thought this was lovely.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 18.22.21

The quality and freshness of the food delivered was all at a good standard, and the receipt is listed in order of “use by” date as a reminder of when you need to use up your fresh produce which is a handy touch and can help with meal planning.

There were plenty of offers, and general low prices on the website so we got a full family shop for £80 including stocking up on toiletries, cleaning products and store cupboard items.

To cook a full family meal for iftar we bought:

For lamb curry with rice and daal:

  • One stop Halal diced lamb 450g for £5
  • Morrisons hand selected tomatoes for 51p
  • Lancashire farm natural bio yoghurt 1kg for £1.35
  • Fresh coriander 79p
  • Morrisons Easy Cook Basmati rice 1kg for £1.49
  • KTC red lentils 500g for 99p

For lamb I use a recipe similar to this slow cooked lamb that I shared previously, and vary it as required. I do have all the required spices at home already, so if you need to stock up your spices then allow slightly higher cost for that.

simple lamb curry recipeFor salad:

  • Morrisons hand selected cucumber for 49p
  • Morrisons watercress spinach and rocket for £1.49
  • Pride lemon juice 50p

For mango lassi:

  • KTC Kesar mango pulp 850g for £1.49
  • Meadow Park whole milk 2 litres for 84p
  • Bio yoghurt as above

For an extra side item:

  • M Kitchen vegetable samosas – 4 for £1.29

For desert:

  • Laziza mango jelly for 69p

All of this will make a large quantity, enough for a family of 5 – with left overs to keep for another day or enough to feed other family members. I felt that the Morrisons prices are very reasonable for all of these staple ingredients.

Overall I was really happy with our Morrisons online delivery experience. It does save a lot of time to have everything delivered, and saves having to take all the children round the supermarket which is not always particularly relaxing! The Morrisons website was very easy to use and I will definitely give it another try in future.

Disclaimer: We received our grocery order for free to enable us to write this post, but retained full editorial control. 

4 thoughts on “Morrisons Online Delivery”

  1. I recently used Morrisons online to place my first order and wasn’t too impressed. The delivery guy turned up a bit earlier without a phone call which was a bit inconvenient. Some of my fruit & veg was squashed and mouldy. They did however refund it and give me a refund & replace voucher however the voucher expired on the same day I got the email. Not a good start to say the least…

    Anyways enough of that. 😉

    The cookie does look cute and the lamb curry sounds delish, I will have to try it out. 🙂

  2. I have tried a couple of online deliveries in the past and haven’t really been that impressed – I have yet to try Morrisons though. You need to try Sians plan to get super organised 😉 I love the welcome gift too, lovely idea! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x


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