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There is a new version of Monopoly out this year – Monopoly Empire! A couple of weeks ago we went down to Hamley’s for the launch, and Mr Z really loved it! It seems a lot more modern and relevant than the classic monopoly, although still staying very true to the original concept. I was quite impressed with it myself and really enjoyed playing it with Mr Z.

empireThe board is very similar to the classic board, but instead of Hotels, it features well known and lucrative brands for the players to buy such as Samsung, Coca-Cola and Nerf. The playing pieces are all updated too, rather than an old boot or an iron, you can choose to play as an Xbox controller or a packet of McDonalds Chips! I found these new playing pieces so cute! They are all in gold and have a lot of detail.

There are some slightly different rules than the classic version of monopoly but it was pretty easy to grasp. I thought Mr Z would find it a bit trickier, as he is 5 years old and the game is 8 years+ but he actually loved it. He is good with numbers for his age, and he didn’t seem to have many problems keeping up with the game.

When we got to the launch event, he went straight to the table with the game on it and was transfixed with it. He found the concept of competing to win the most money very appealing, as I mentioned he is into numbers and he also has quite a competitive nature so it was really up his street especially with the famous brands now being included as I think that is much easier for him to grasp than rent on varying levels of hotels.

monopoly empires
Playing at the launch event

There was also plenty of other fun for the children, with balloon modelling, colouring, and a great raffle competition with loads of prizes from the brands represented in the Monopoly empires game! Mr Z was so surprised and happy when he won a prize from Samsung – a new camera! He also really loved his balloon model which had been made specially like a Nerf gun – another one of the brands represented in the game.

monopoly empire launch in Hamleys
Lots of fun!

Clockwise from top left:

  1. The Hamley’s staff all dressed as pirates as part of their Pirate Invasion event over the summer. Here is one pirate announcing the winners of the Monopoly Empires raffles. There were plenty of prizes so many of the children were going home really happy, and it was a great surprise for us all.
  2. Mr Z and his super cool Nerf gun balloon!
  3. Go to Jail! The floor was decorated with Monopoly squares, and there was also a giant silver cat
  4. Mr Z and Mr K, having fun in the pirate ship.

We went to the event together with my friend Eileen, a blogger from Et speaks from home and she has also blogged about the event here – her children have enjoyed the game just as much as mine!

I also think the game is fun for adults to play, when my sister comes round we do like to play board games from time to time so I think we would definitely enjoy this one even without the children! We were given a copy of the game at the event so that we can continue to enjoy playing it at home.

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