Monkey Bookends!

I have been looking for some bookends for Mr Z and Mr T’s room for a while now, and Presents for Men sent me a pair of Monkey bookends to try out. As you might have guessed from the name, they mainly specialise in presents for men BUT they do also have presents for women and children too. These monkeys are quite universal, for anyone who is looking for a cute or slightly different from the usual bookend whether adult or child.

monkey bookends
Monkey Bookend from

Each monkey looks like this, more like a teddy than a bookend! Which makes them look a cute and cool feature on the shelf. They are weighted with sand so they feel really heavy in your hands, and do the job of keeping the books upright really well

monkey book ends
Doing their job up on the shelf!

All Mr Z’s reading books had been driving me mad falling over on the shelf, now they look much neater and it’s much easier to see what is there as the monkeys are doing a great job of keeping them all upright in their place. They also look really cute and appropriate for a children’s room as they are fabric and shaped, so it looks like a teddy decorating the shelf!

They can be placed either facing forwards (shown top of collage) or sideways (shown bottom), whichever way you prefer, and they look nice in both ways.

Here’s how they both look on the shelf

IMG_8473I’m really pleased with the bookends, and the boys like them too. They are £22.99 for the pair from Presents for men. Its really worth having a browse round their site if you are looking for a gift for any loved ones, as there is quite a variety of all sorts of cool things!


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