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Minions is out in cinemas today! For fans of Despicable Me and Despicable Me too, this third movie featuring Minions will be another chance to see their favourite little yellow guys in another fun family adventure. And for those who have been seeing Minion fever everywhere but are new to the movies, this is the perfect place to start since Minions takes you right back to the beginning of the minions story, which is cleverly done and I’m sure will be appreciated by many since you really don’t have to be familiar with the previous two movies to enjoy this one.

Minions Movie poster. "Go back to where it all began"


We were lucky enough to see a preview of the movie last weekend, and it was definitely a hit with all the family. We watched with our children aged 3, 5 and almost 7 and although there were a couple of moments when the younger ones were a little bit scared, they all came out of the cinema having really enjoyed the movie and feeling even more Minion-crazy than they were when they went in.

The movie shows three brave minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob, heading out to find a new leader for their tribe of minions since minions were not happy unless serving an evil boss. They make their way to Villain Con in Orlando where they seek work with the ultimate super villain, Scarlet Overkill voiced by Sandra Bullock and the story goes on from there, with lots of action, mayhem and comic moments.

Minions Bob, Kevin and Stuart


For me, the character of Scarlet Overkill really shone in the movie. I’ve always been a fan of Sandra Bullock and she brings so much personality to this character. I loved her super sharp pointy plane and her rocket boosting dress too – very cool!

Minions Scarlet Overkill

For my kids, there was no question that the Minions were their favourite characters, especially the hero Kevin and cute little Bob. Through the movie you get to know more of the personality of each minion and appreciate each of them individually which is nice since we normally tend to think of them all collectively.

Minions is an entertaining movie for the whole family, with it’s appeal spanning from young to older children and plenty of humour for the grown ups to enjoy too.

Minions Activities

If you’re keen to keep up the minions fun at home after watching the movie, why not try some of these Minions themed activities and foods with the kids

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  1. I can’t wait for this to come out on general release, we’ve already made plans for the Summer holidays to go and see it. It sounds as though it will live up to our expectations!


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