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With the hot summer weather here, I love to see the children outside playing. We like to add variety in our garden by adding some new outdoor toys each year and clearing out the ones which have been outgrown or no longer work properly. This year I had a look through the outdoor toys selection at House of Fraser and we were sent this Haro basketball set to try out, which has been a lot of fun so far.

Before I start telling you about the basketball set, please excuse the state of our garden we are in the middle of having it done! So just ignore that and focus on the basketball 😉

shooting basketball in the garden


The set needs some assembly, which will take around 20 minutes and then it’s ready to stand in the garden. Since it’s free standing, you can move it from place to place in the garden if you need to re-organise. Just add sand or water in the base to weigh it down.

haro basketball setThe set was labelled on the website as 8+, although the box says 14+ so when seeing the box I wondered if it would be too big for my boys to manage since Z is only 7, but actually it was absolutely fine and I would say that 8+ is more accurate as an age range. Even the younger ones enjoyed having a good try too.

basketballThis basket ball set is a great addition to our garden, since it doesn’t take much space at all and is a fun way to keep the boys active. It also keeps them practicing to persevere until they manage to score.

The set comes with the ball and pump, so you have everything included to get playing right away.

basketballCurrently this set is on sale at House of Fraser so if you’re considering getting a basketball set for your garden this summer, it’s worth taking a look.

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  1. This looks excellent! I like the way you can move it around. I remember having one fixed to a wall when I was younger. This is much better!


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