Mel C and the P&G and Asda Clean Water Campaign in Ghana

Former Spice Girl Mel C has joined up with P&G and Asda to help provide clean water to the children who need it most around the world. Mel recently flew to Ghana to see some of the clean water programmes in action taking place in a rural community in Ghana.

Melanie C P&G and Asda Clean Water Campaign Ambassador

Here’s a video diary from her trip, where she sees the water sanitisation in progress.

So far, thanks to UK shoppers over 30 million days of clean drinking water have been provided. The new goal is to provide 75 million days of clean water by the end of 2014.

Every day 2000 children die as a result of water contamination, which is something so sad which can be easily prevented.

P&G have produced small sachets using water purification technology, as you can see in Mel C’s video diary these sachets are so effective at cleaning the water and work so quickly. 10 litres of dirty and contaminated water will be made pure and safe to drink in only 30 minutes, making the potentially deadly water clean and fresh enough to drink.

Melanie C P&G and Asda Clean Water Campaign Ambassador

Clean water is something that we often take for granted here in the UK, even having extra luxuries such as water filters on top of our usual drinking water. It must be such a horrible situation to have a child who is thirsty but you know that any water you have may be contaminated and drinking it could make them really unwell, or even die. Everyone deserves to have clean water as one of the most basic things in life.

P&G are aiming to help by donating one days supply of clean water for every one P&G product purchased in Asda. P&G products include Pampers, Fairy, Duracell, Olay, Pantene, Always, Lenor and lots more – so all the useful household brands that we would be buying anyway!

It’s great to see Mel C helping to bring the Clean Water Campaign to our attention. Please do share this post on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media to help spread the word even more!

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  1. I was the photographer on this shoot in Ghana and so I saw this amazing product first hand. To witness putrid filthy ditch water turned into pure drinking water was simply amazing. This could save millions of lives.



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