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Recently the boys have got really into playing with Lego, so over half term we enjoyed a Lego story activity with a new set we had added to our collection.


We were sent the Lego City Coast Guard and Diving Boat, which Mr Z loved putting together, and Mr T and Mr R also loved playing with once it had been built.


legocitydivingThis took Mr Z about an hour to build, but we were chatting and not working quickly so I think it could be done a lot quicker if just wanted to get on and get it made as fast as possible!



Once it had been built, our challenge was to create a story with the Lego characters in the set. Mr Z loves to make up stories verbally so he loved this idea. The main part of his story seemed to involve the coast guard car racing everyone very fast, which did not make it too easy to get as many posed pictures with the Lego characters as I had hoped – because they were too busy racing! Here’s our story:

The Crazy Racing Coast Guard Car

One day the Coast Guard Car was waiting patiently for the finishing touches to be put to his new parts. As soon as this was completed he rushed away from the garage straight away. “I am going to find a big car and race!” he said.


He found an opponent who was soย  big that he wasn’t even made of Lego. “I will show him that Lego cars are the best!” shouted the Coast Guard Car eagerly and in his rush he knocked down his driver the coast guard!

“Wait!” shouted his driver in a helpless wail “you haven’t attached your rescue equipment!” but the Coast Guard Car was already racing away, leaving him crumpled on the floor.


Meanwhile, the diver wasย  ready to go on an adventure with his diving boat. He had taken all precautions and fully prepared himself with the most high grade diving binoculars, tank and flippers..


but still, unexpectedly a disaster struck


“Help I’ve fallen out of my boat, and landed in the water in the wrong way. CALL THE COAST GUARD!” Shouted the diver who was stranded and his diving equipment was failing.

From a distance the coast guard car’s driver called out to him “no such luck, the car has raced away. He is busy showing off against bigger vehicles. I have also been left stranded”


They both felt so worried!

Suddenly the Coast Guard Car finally arrived and he learned his lesson about too much racing while on duty. “I won’t make that mistake again” he said to himself.


He rescued the driver and the diver then he quickly sped away, but he knew he would not be so careless again and next time his response time would be much quicker. “I’m sure there is just enough time for another quick race though” he said. At least this time, he did bring his rescue equipment with him!

The End

If your child wants to spend more time on the story, they could photograph each stage and then write the sentences next to the pictures themselves, to create a lego comic strip.

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