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I’m always interested in trying out new books with the kids, and recently we were sent a selection of activity books from publisher Salariya, an independent children’s publisher based in Brighton. They publish a mixture of children’s information, fiction and baby books.


The books we were sent are:

Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book

This book is from the Scribblers imprint, and include lots of hands on activities such as making your own cardboard dinosaurs, as well as the more typical sticker pages. This book is really well made, with high quality colourful pages and w


This book is great for children around 3-6 years old (maybe a couple of years either side of that too), and was a big hit with my 5 year old boy who is a big fan of all things dinosaur related.

I found that it’s quite different and unique to other activity books we have, as the activities are more varied.


See this book on the Salariya site here – available for 6.99

How to Draw Optical Illusions

This book is great for older kids (or even adults!) to get them thinking and inspire them to try out something new with their drawing. If you’ve ever been impressed with optical illusions and wondered how to make your own, then this book gives you the answers you’ve been looking for!

This book is good for my 8 year old, as something more advanced and different. I like that it gives him ideas, to help him out of the rut of drawing the same things each time. Some of the drawing ideas in this book are quite challenging, so there’s a sense of accomplishment once you manage to complete them!


See this book on the Salariya site here – available for 6.99

Make Your Own Science Experiments

This book is a mixture between an activity book and a science book. It comes with over 150 stickers, and press out science experiments that you can make, along with ideas and instructions for even more experiments to set up at home. It’s a good book for keeping kids busy, e.g over the holidays, and also learning at the same time.


This book is good for a mixture of ages, and suits all my kids ages 5, 6 and 8. The experiments are good for them to do all together, or for an older child of around 8-9 to set up and complete the whole experiment by themselves without so much adult assistance.

See this book on the Salariya site here – available for 6.99

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Poo.

This is a good book if you have a child who’s interested in all the “gross topics” like poo or wee, as it will get them reading and learning at the same time. My kids had not really thought about the benefits of poo before, so some of the information in this book was quite eye opening for them – and of course because of the “poo” topic it has a bit of a shock factor for them too!


This book is good for kids of around 6 years+, or a younger child to read together with a parent.

This book is part of a series of science and technology based “You wouldn’t want to live without…” books, which show the benefit of all kinds of things like bees, glass, numbers, nurses, trees and more.

See this book on the Salariya site here – available for 6.99

We were sent the books in order to review

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