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mask n ask

Mask n Ask is another fun game from Drumond Park. The idea of the game is that each player is assigned a person or animal, by picking a mask, but they will not know which character they are. Without looking at the card, they wear it as a mask and then go around the board asking yes or no questions to deduce which character they must be.

The game board is double sided, and the masks are also double sided. This gives you the option as playing either as animals or people and there are 30 characters in each category. The game includes the double sided board, the 30 double sided mask cards, 4 glasses for players to attach to the cards to make their masks, 4 player counters, 4 sets of yes or no counters, and of course the instructions.

The game is aimed at age 7+ but I played with Mr Z who is 5.5 years old and he found the concept easy enough to follow. However, any younger than that and there is a danger that they may not know the answers to all the questions, which will make it hard to play. The size of the glasses was okay for him, but we actually found it easier to just keep the cards next to us turned upside down – so if you do have a younger child and find the glasses too big for them, that will work fine. The game kept his interest well and he managed to beat me every time! We tried both sides of the board and Mr Z preferred the animals to the people but it’s great to have both to give more variety.

As you can see from the board above, there are a good variety of questions, ranging from the appearance to the habits, habitat, job and more – all to help you figure out who your character may be. This is good for helping children to build up their logical thinking and it is lots of fun too. I enjoyed the game, it is one which is ideal for families to play together as it not too babyish but can appeal to all ages.

mask n ask

We would recommend Mask n Ask as a great addition to the family game cupboard if you have primary school children and are looking for fun games that are a little more in depth. Mask n Ask can last for as long as you like, although the rules say to keep going until the winner has guessed 3 cards correctly you could keep going for as long as you want.

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