Marvel Kids Free Online Games for Kids

If your kids are fans of Marvel super heroes like Spider-Man or Avengers, then you can be pretty sure that they will enjoy the Marvel Kids site from Disney which features lots of fun Marvel character games that they can play online, along with videos, printable activities and character information.

Free marvel kids online games and activities with spider-man and avengers

My boys are super hero crazy, and Spider-Man is a particular favourite with my youngest boy, R, who is 4 – although they love all of the different Marvel characters. The Marvel Kids site is ideal for them. If they could have designed their own website – this probably would have been it!

When you click on each character, you will first be shown the featured game at the top and then you can scroll down and choose more.

spiderman to the rescue games

The featured game for Spider-Man is Spider-Man rescue, and you can select your difficulty level and then get playing.

spiderman to the rescue marvel kids game

You have to fight enemies, and escape from any traps like this rising water. Spider-Man can shoot web and swing up on his webs in this game – all things which get my boys excited!

spiderman game

There are lots of different types of games on the site, not just several versions of the same thing. Here’s the selection within the Avengers games

avengers games

And here’s one of the Thor games. As you can see, it has a more old school feel with the cute pixelated style graphics and text instructions. With this game, being able to read the instructions will help! So it’s better for those who have basic reading skills (or help from an older sibling or parent!)

thor game

The printable activities and character info on the site are also good to entertain the kids further.

You can get activities like this Spider-Man wordsearch and lots more.

spiderman wordsearch

Within the character area, you can click each character and find out more about them. I actually learnt something myself too – I had kept wondering who is this “Iron Spider” that R keeps telling me about.. well now I know!

iron spider

The site is not overly educational in an obvious sense, but it does have reading included and is great for down time and fun too so I’m happy for my kids to spend time on it.

If your kids are into Marvel super heroes, I would definitely recommend the site for them to enjoy!


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