Looking for a Classic Pair of Mom Eyeglasses? Here are the Iconic Styles to Try

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By Luciana Oliveira

The term “mom glasses” tends to call up a distinct picture in our heads – usually influenced by what our own moms wore when we were kids or the frames worn by actors who’ve played mothers in hit movies. If you’re looking for some mom eyewear inspiration then there are several key styles to focus on to find your perfect retro mom eyeglasses aesthetic: the oversized ‘80s frame, the classic rectangular-shaped glasses of the ‘90s, or the perennially popular cat eye.

The Oversized ‘80s Frame

A stalwart of the mom eyeglasses scene in the 1980s were oversized round-shape specs in plastic frames, usually in shades like tortoiseshell, coral, and pastel colors. There was nothing discreet about this decade – from the shoulder pads to the makeup, the ‘80s were not aligned with sartorial subtlety – and this is as true of eyewear styles as everything else.

The trend has seen a resurgence this year, however, with oversized round glasses featuring thin metal frames, or clear frames, becoming hot fashion eyewear news. 

Is the Oversized Eyeglasses Look for Me?

If you’ve been inspired by the 80s oversized eyewear action but aren’t sure if you can pull the look off, try extra-large glasses with clear frames. Transparent frames are a much more subtle way of wearing the oversized look and won’t overwhelm your face. Plus, their very nature means they work with any skin tone and can be paired with any color or style of garments without the risk of a clash.

The Classic Cat Eye

Specs that have traditionally been associated with moms are cat eye glasses. A quick look back at any family album from the 1960s and 70s is going to reveal a lot of this type of eyewear going on, typically accompanied by a bouffant hairdo and a geometric-patterned dress. This isn’t to throw shade at all: the vintage-look cat eye has never gone out of fashion. With their air of elegance and femininity, this shape of frame remains extremely popular today, with luxury brands like Chanel, Prada, and Dior all featuring reimagined versions of cat eye glasses in their most recent eyewear collections.

Will Cat Eye Glasses Suit Me?

The good news is that cat eye frames’ mix of curves and angularity means that they tend to suit all face shapes. So, if you fancy switching up your eyewear look, a pair of classic mom eyeglasses in the form of cat eye frames could be a perfect choice.

The Small Rectangular Frame

Loved by moms in the 1990s, small eyeglasses incorporating rectangular metal frames – usually in silver or gold colors – make up another classic mom look. Made popular by stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani and widely worn by celeb moms throughout this decade, this shape of frame is synonymous with the ‘90s.

If you want to channel an entire 90s look, then pair your rectangular-shaped specs with a strappy dress worn over a white t-shirt or a pair of extra-baggy cargo pants, crop top, and beret.

Can All Face Shapes Wear Rectangular Frames?

Typically, rectangular-shaped glasses look best on those with round, oval, or heart-shaped faces. The golden rule of matching frames to face shape is to opt for frames that contrast with, rather than mirror, your face shape. The angular lines of rectangular frames mean they’ll be most flattering worn by those with ‘’curvier’ face shapes.

The Bifocal

And finally, the bifocal. With their visible lens lines, which delineate where one strength of prescription ends and another begins, bifocals are also widely associated with mom eyeglasses and are often used on screen to boost a character’s “mom” credentials.

The era of the bifocal may be gradually coming to an end. However, Progressive lenses offer the same capacity to incorporate two (or more) prescriptions into one lens, but without the visible dividing line. 

How Do Progressive Lenses Work?

As opposed to bifocals, progressive lenses have a gradual change in prescription. The near vision section is usually located in the lower part of the lens, and the distance section is directly in front of the pupil.

Choosing Your Mom Eyeglasses

If you’re in the market to switch up your eyewear look and are keen to try out a pair of mom eyeglasses, use the guide above to find your perfect pair. Whether you want an authentic mom style from decades past or a more contemporary take on a vintage trend, the world is your eyewear oyster!

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