Liven up Lunch with Warburtons

Warburtons are on a mission to liven up lunch and have made a Krazy New game show called Krazy Kitchen which has been showing on their Facebook page, you can see the latest episode over there, or at the end of this post.

To help us really get involved, Warburtons have sent us a hamper to see if we can make our own krazy lunch – with all the ingredients and a few fun props just for a laugh.

I do find that we end up having the same kind of sandwiches again and again, and I do get bored of it after a while. We tend to have either cheese, tuna and sweetcorn or cucumber, egg mayonaise or maybe some grilled chicken wraps with spinach, or salad wraps but nothing really with a wow to it.

I was quite excited to have a look in the Warburtons hamper and see what ideas they had. We had been sent 3 recipes and the ingredients to try them out. I decided to make a Tex Mex Mayhem wrap, which sounded great especially because I sometimes find it hard to find exciting vegetarian options and I don’t always want to eat meat or chicken for every meal!

Here’s the recipe if you fancy having a go for yourself.

tex mex mayhem wrap recipe

This is ideal with the new Warburtons square wraps which were included in the hamper. It is the first time I have seen these wraps and I really do like them, and the new sandwich thins too. They will straight away make a sandwich feel more interesting than if made with just plain sliced bread.

warburtons wraps
The new wraps and sandwich thins, and our Krazy accessories!

Β The Tex-Mex recipe sounded like it would be really zingy with the red chilli and lime, and avocado is not something I normally think to include in my sandwiches so I eagerly started to make it and couldn’t wait to eat my delicious sandwich.

As shown in the recipe, you first mix the chopped avocado with some squeezed lime, red chilli and a little bit of olive oil and make a mash from the mixture. You then place some salad leaves onto the wrap, top it with some refried beans and add the mix you just made, along with a couple of spoons of plain yoghurt – then wrap and eat!

tex mex wrap
The stages of making

This only took a few minutes in total. I am not sure I could do it in under 30 seconds like the Krazy Kitchen game show – But now that I have had a practise run, perhaps I should give that a try, while wearing the hat and chicken mask, to entertain the kids?!? (or maybe not πŸ˜‰ )

Ta-Da… my finished sandwich:

It tasted great, and is definitely something I would make again. I love the wraps and how easy they are to use for more interesting lunch ideas.

warburtons wrap made into tex mex sandwichWhat would you make with one of these wraps, for a more interesting lunch? And are you krazy enough to have a race and make it in 30 seconds? Have a look at the video and all the entertainment and ideas over on the Warburtons Facebook page

This is a sponsored post in association with Warburtons, but all opinions are my own πŸ™‚

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  1. My son loves the sandwich thins but we are yet to try the square wraps, the recipes sound lovely, I always get stuck with lunchtime inspiration and the kids get really bored of sarnies so thank you for some inspiration πŸ™‚


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