Heart Shaped Cake

heart shaped cake

How do you make a hearty slice of Cake? Find Me a Gift set some bloggers a challenge to come up with different ideas for our Heart Cake, and this is mine.

heart shaped cakeWhile the younger boys were sleeping, it gave Mr Z and I a good chance to spend some quality time cake making, which is always good fun.

We had been sent this silicone I heart Cake baking mould from Find me a gift to help us in our challenge

heart shaped cake mould
From Find Me A Gift

It looks like a flower shape but the cool thing is, that when you cut each slice they will each turn into a heart!

To make the recipe we have used a basic sponge. I used a plain sponge packet from the supermarket and then adapted it. It is easy to make your own sponge cake if you do have all the ingredients in stock in your cupboard though.

boy mixing cake
Mr Z doing the mixing

We added hot chocolate powder to give it a more chocolate flavour, and added some Hershey’s Kisses to the mixture as I thought kisses will match with the heart theme! The effect is like giant chocolate chips. These should be available in the international section of larger supermarkets, but mine were brought from America by one of my friends.

Mixing ingredients for heart cake
Mixing everything ready for the cake

Soon it was all done and ready for the oven. Of course Mr Z wanted to lick the cake mix from the spoon – He has seen Peppa and George doing it on Peppa pig!

licking the spoon baking
Baking finished!

Once the cake had cooled I added some chocolate topping, and cut it into slices…

..and Ta – Da! Heart Shaped cake!!

Heart shaped cakeAs it was a heart, of course I gave the first slice to my husband 🙂

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