Little Tiger Press – Follow Me on the Farm

As members of the Little Tiger Press parents panel, we are sometimes sent books to review. My children love reading new books, so they are always excited to see what we get.

The first book we got this month was:

Follow Me on the Farm (count with me)

follow me on the farm

This is an A4 size book with pull out sections on each page. It is all about counting, while exploring the farm and all the animals on it. It is really bright and colourful and the illustrations all have a cute and friendly style to them.

The book is written in rhyme throughout, so it flows easily when reading aloud. The buzzy bee character is shown on each flap, encouraging the child to recognise where to lift and pull each flap, which is a good idea as sometimes with other books mine have tried lifting from the wrong side and ended up ripping things if its not clear!

Because each page is so thick, due to having the large flaps folded up inside each page, the book only covers numbers up to 5, so I would say it is most suited to the preschool age. It is a little young for my 4 year old although he did still enjoy it, but ideal for my 3 year old and 21 month old.

As mentioned, the flaps are really big – they are almost full page size – this makes it easy for younger ones to handle them and lift them up by themselves. The flaps are fully illustrated on both sides, and when you pull them out it gives the impression of the animal turning to follow the bee in the opposite direction, which is a good effect.

The pages are slightly glossy and thicker than normal paper, again to make it more difficult for little ones to accidently rip it. So you would be quite safe letting a younger toddler explore this book by themselves for a few minutes, without the risk that when you come back the whole book will be shredded!

Throughout the book, the buzzy bee is encouraging all the animals to follow him and come along, and on the last page we find out what it is he wanted to show them all – 5 newborn puppies! Which is quite sweet.

It’s a very nice book if you are encouraging your child to pick up counting and numbers, or if they have an interest in farm animals. It is very nicely done and kept my children’s attention.

Little Tiger Press also have another book in the same range which is Follow Me in the Jungle (what can I see) which covers learning about different actions, rather than counting.

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