Inspect A Gadget – Budget Tablet Review (7″ inch LélikTec®)

When travelling with children, gadgets like tablets can be really useful to keep them entertained but they don’t always come cheap so it can be a lot to splash out on!

Moneysupermarket are looking for cheaper alternatives that will do the job but at a much more appealing price, and have recruited 200 bloggers to test out more affordable versions of the 5 most packed holiday tech items to find out which ones are the best buys!

We were given the chance to try out this 7″ LélikTec ® Android budget tablet in white. The RRP is only £59.99 and it is currently selling on Amazon for only £41, which is ridiculously cheap! So I wondered how much it would really be able to do.

So far I have been pretty pleased with it, and for keeping the children entertained it is ideal especially at this price!

leliktec budget tablet

7″ is a smaller screen than the original iPads but a similar size to the iPad mini or the Samsung galaxy tab 2. It’s a very small and compact size to fit into a bag but being that bit larger than a smart phone screen. It makes it easier for young children to use and handle when playing games, and enables them to see easier and more clearly when watching videos.

The tablet comes with Google Play store where you can download loads of apps. There are plenty suitable for children and lots and lots which are free. I have not even put my credit card details into our tablet, as I will be letting the children play with it I don’t want to risk any accidental purchases and there are so many free games available that I see no need.

So far we downloaded Youtube, Candycrush, Car racing games, Lego game, a bubble game, Cake Maker game, Sketchpad games and the Croods game. Later on I will add more. I find adding new games a few at a time keeps their attention as once they are bored of one, there is always something new!

There is also a web browser which works fine and the pages loaded up fairly quickly. We easily connected it to our wifi. The tablet is enabled for 3G but I am not sure how this will work without a contract. When travelling you could easily connect it to publically provided wifi in hotels or service stations, and while in the car allow the children to play games or watch videos that are already downloaded onto the tablet. Of course having the internet permanantly enabled on the tablet wherever we go, would have been my children’s preference but I would not be happy with them watching too much Youtube over 3G anyway as it can get very expensive as it uses up so much data so quickly.

I was not able to get the flash games to load up properly on the cbeebies website, but this is a problem I have had with other tablets. It told me I need to update the software, then when I click it came up with something for apple, whereas this is on the android system – so I just left it.

When using the touch screen, the response time is fine. It is not as quick as an iPad but I have not noticed a massive amount of difference between this and our other Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy 2.

The tablet also has a camera which is easy for the children to use. It comes in a small box with the charger and instructions booklet, and I found it keeps its charge for a fairly decent length of time. The specs say battery life is 3 hours but this would be with constant use, when it is left on the side it will keep charge for the rest of the day.

My husband, who is more of a gadget connoisseur than me, felt that the build quality was not the best but from my point of view, I’m more amazed that you can get a brand new working tablet for 40 quid! For my needs of just keeping the children entertained with some games, it is brilliant value.

A cheaper budget tablet like this could also be an option to consider for parents thinking of buying the children’s tablets, as those games are very expensive but there are so many free games for android so in the end it may work out very good value.

Here are the full specs:

Technical Details
Brand LélikTec
Item Weight 331 g
Product Dimensions 18 x 12 x 0.8 cm
Item model number A 13
Color White
Screen Size 7 inches
Screen Resolution 800*480
Processor Brand ARM
Processor Type ARM710a
Processor Speed 1 GHz
Processor Count 1
RAM Size 512 MB
Computer Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
Hard Drive Size 4 GB
Graphics Coprocessor Mali 400
Graphics Card Description Mali 400
Wireless Type 802.11bgn
Hardware Platform PC
Operating System Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Software Included Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
Battery Type battery_type_lithium_ion
Battery Charge Time (in hours) 2 hours
Average Battery Life (in hours) 3 hours
Lithium Battery Weight 40 grams

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6 thoughts on “Inspect A Gadget – Budget Tablet Review (7″ inch LélikTec®)”

  1. Did not realise you could get something like this so cheap! I thought the kindle fires were pretty cheap at £150 or so compared to iPad, but this is crazily cheap!

  2. Yes it is crazy isn’t it! I was lead to believe in the past that the super cheap ones will probably be soo slow and unusable, not able to do anything on it. but it’s not the case! I was honestly quite shocked to see what you can get for such a low price!

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