Life in the UK Through the Decades

It’s amazing to think about how life can change from one generation to the next. The amount of developments and advancements that take place during even one decade mean that life is quite different for us than it was for our parents, and for our children no doubt the world will be even more different once they have grown up and are leading lives of their own.

Sun Life have recently created a map of the UK to explore this concept. The interactive map provides an interesting fact for every region in the UK from each decade, starting from the 60s and going up to the present day.

Using the tool, you can find out where the first ever MRI scanner was built or in what city the world’s first test-tube baby was born in, and lots more!

interactive map to explore changes in the UK over the decades

It’s always surprising how much can change over the years; once upon a time the ATM machine was a revolution, now a small device in the palm of our hand can connect us to almost anyone in the world. A lot has happened in the last 50 years!

To use the Sun Life map tool for yourself, simply choose a decade and a region to read more about what has been going on in the UK since the 1960s. Click the map picture above, or visit the tool via the link below.

See the tool here on the Sun Life website

I hope you enjoy using the tool – why not share it with the kids too, and let them use it to learn something new?

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