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Dobble is a really simple but fun and addictive card game for all the family. We’ve had the original Dobble game for a couple of years now, and recently we tried out the new Disney Pixar Finding Dory version, to tie in with new movie.

As with all of the Dobble games, the game comes in a handy tin which makes it really easy for travelling.

To play Dobble, there are a few different versions, but each one involves finding the matching pictures between your own card and other cards, as quickly as you can!

The game can be played by 2 players, or in larger groups. It’s simple enough to grasp, and if you already know how to play Dobble then you’ll easily be able to play versions like the Finding Dory one as well as the rules are the same.

Each card includes lots of little pictures, and in this particular version the pictures are all under the sea themed with various Finding Dory characters included – like Dory herself, Nemo, Marlin or Hank the Octopus. If your kids have seen and enjoyed the movie, then they will enjoy spotting the familiar characters on the cards, and all of the other icons on the cards are very recogniseable too, like a rainbow or the Dobble logo.


The cards are all well printed, and with a decent thickness so that they’re not flimsy. The way they fit inside the small tin is really handy as it doesn’t take up much space in the home and you can easily take them out and about. We took ours on a train trip up to Scotland to keep the kids busy as we travelled – it’s perfect for those kind of situations! It would also be handy to take when visiting family, and it’s a game that suits all ages so any relatives can easily join in with the fun too.


To find out more about Dobble, read our review of the original game here

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