My kids are big fans of LEGO, so of course we were quite excited to see that there is a new LEGO range out, complete with a new TV series. Knights are one of the best classic LEGO themes (I had a knights and castle set when I was a child which was my favourite!), so to see the new series NEXO KNIGHTS bringing back the knights theme with a more modern twist is something I was really happy to see, and it appealed to my children straight away.

To go along with the new LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ show, there is also a brand new magazine and it’s a hit with us!


The LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ magazine includes comic stories, pull out posters, fact files, puzzles, colouring and lots to keep the kids entertained. Each issue also comes with a free gift, which my boys love, and I was very happy with the quality of the gift – compared to the typical “free gifts” you get with some magazines, this one is so much better, as it included an exclusive LEGO mini-figure of Lance (along with a couple of accessories which you can see in the picture below). Lane is one of the NEXO KNIGHTS, and the next issue will include a LEGO horse figure to go with him.

LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Magazine free gift exclusive Lance mini figure

The magazine has plenty of different features, with bits that are accessible to all of my boys from my youngest who is 4 years old and not a fully fluent reader, but enjoys all of the pictures and looking through the magazine with me reading bits to him, to my oldest who is 7 and will enjoy reading the whole magazine from cover to cover. All three of my boys really enjoy completing the puzzles in the magazine too.

Here’s the contents page to give you an idea of what’s included

LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Magazine contents page

And a look at one of the comic story pages:

LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Magazine comic story page

And one of the puzzles:

LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Magazine puzzle page

Magazines like this are great to motivate children to fit in a bit more reading into their day. Since it’s packed with their new favourite characters, they don’t have any hesitation to pick it up and read, and it adds some more variety into their reading. It’s also nice for them to be able to look forward to each new issue as a little treat, with the subscription to the magazine.

My kids have already learned a lot about the characters from watching the show, and have enjoyed picking up even more facts about them in the magazine. If your kids enjoy watching the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ show, or have been interested in the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ toys or app, then they would definitely enjoy the magazine.

The first issue of the magazine is out today, and a new issue will be out every 4 weeks with the normal issue price at £3.25.

reading the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Magazine

We were given a subscription to the magazine in order to review

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