I had been really looking forward to see the Lego Movie when it came out, but kids ended up going for a boys day out with their dad and some friends so I still hadn’t seen it when Suppose.com sent me the DVD in order to write a Lego Movie review!

The Lego Movie is a great family movie which appeals to all generations so it was a great choice for a family movie night. As a treat after the boys’ first week back at school we decided to order take away and snuggle down with the Lego Movie. I also gathered some awesome Lego activities for kids, because of course after watching the kids always get inspired to get their Lego out and get playing.

Lego movie inspired activities. 10 fun and creative activities for your kids to do while they are even more excited about Lego after watching the movie

So, on to the movie. For those who haven’t yet seen the movie the story follows the story of the very average and un-memorable Lego minifigure Emmet. One day after work he accidentally stumbles down a hole and finds the “piece of resistance” which leads him to be mistakenly labelled as the “special” – the most extraordinary person in the world. He then gets dragged into a big adventure fighting the evil Lord Business alongside Wyld Style and friends.

The movie has lots of humorous moments. I love the double decker couch, and of course the brilliant “everything is awesome” song brings a smile to everyone’s face!

There’s also a great message in the movie about creativity, through the real world story line with Finn and his father. The freedom to build and create however you like with Lego is definitely the best thing, and the movie emphasises how that creativity and flexibility wins in the end. You do not need to glue your perfect Lego models! This is a message that resonates well with my kids as they always prefer to mix and match their sets and set their creativity free!

If you have not yet bought the Lego Movie, you can track the prize on Suppose.com to make sure you get a good deal. It’s definitely one worth adding to the DVD collection.



Now on to the activities. If your kids would like some creative Lego ideas to take and run wild with, then why not use some of these for inspiration. Have fun!

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Lego Ice Excavation from Lemon Lime Adventures

Lego Symmetry Butterfly from Fun at Home with Kids

Lego Storytelling Activity from In The Playroom

Lego Sensory play in the sink from Creative Kids

Lego Landmarks from Home Grown Learners

Lego Party Games at The Pleasantest Thing

Lego Maze at The Crafty Mummy

Lego Balloon Adventures from Planet Smarty Pants

Lego Race Track from Inspiration Laboratories

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