Learning At Home: Making Education Natural For Kids

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By Luciana Oliveira

Learning at home is a huge chance for children to boost their education. However, it can be tricky to try and continue a school’s good work when you’re in your own home.

But that’s where a bit of fun comes in; making education more fun is super important, of course! 

But on the tail-end of this, learning should also be as much a natural process as possible.

Kids should be able to find meaning and value in the majority of the things they do, and as a parent, you can encourage that tenfold.

As such, here are the best ways to make learning normal when you’re outside of the classroom. 

Get Them to Answer an Interesting Question About Whatever They’re Doing

Answering questions is one of the most basic ways to learn. As such, you can use it to quick and full effectiveness just around the house. If the kids are playing a game, ask them to explain it.

If they’re washing their hands, get them to explain why it’s important. And if they’re helping you in the kitchen, get them to say outloud what they’re doing and why they need to. Simple! 

Have a Weekend Study Session

Weekend study sessions make learning a week long thing. And while it may be hard to get the kids into the idea for the first couple of sessions, it’s best to set up a routine that encourages them to settle down and read/work on something. 

For example, if your child is of the age where they’ll be moving to secondary school soon, you may be wondering Which are the best 11 plus practice papers? Well you’ve got a whole helpful weekend ahead to find out! 

Indeed, this is your chance to help your child focus on an area they may be weak in, and also reassure them that learning can happen at any time without much issue! 

Let Them See You Study

Modelling the behaviour you want to see in your kids is the best way to make learning a natural thing in your home.

Make sure you’ve got something to study, and do so during times/in places where your kids can see you. 

Let them come along and ask questions about it, and don’t be afraid to be honest. If you’re learning something hard, tell them!

Just because something is challenging doesn’t mean you should give up, and that’s a wonderful lesson to learn. 

Kids Always Respond to Arts and Crafts!

Arts and crafts are a great receptacle for learning – why? Because it’s the best way to get kids to express themselves.

And drawing a picture of something they don’t understand is a good way to see your child’s thought process.

It’s also a good idea to provide plenty of materials to use to ensure there’s a sensory element. 

Making education a natural thing is best done at home. Keep the cycle going with tips like these; you don’t need a classroom for learning success! 

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