Learn how to find a suitable place to live in a new city

Going away from the city where you have lived forever is like the only world of comfort and pleasure you are ‘aware of’. The change may have been susceptible when the time arrives, it still turns out surprising and takes a while to adapt. When the college starts, most students move out of their family home and begin their life towards independence.

The first task for a student is to hunt for perfect student accommodation in their sight. Moving to a new city brings in a different lifestyle, people from diverse backgrounds and of course there will be a lot of changes one experiences when they have just moved out of school. The task of finding a place to live abroad is even cumbersome. Students need to consider and undergo the following points before choosing their place to live.


One has to consider looking for accommodation a little early from everybody else. Students should start looking for student-halls, dorms and apartments in or places around the college. It is because rental suites with quality rooms would be limited and would probably fill up before you know of it. The pricing may also be not that competitive if you hunt a little early. The student must ensure that the college offers adequate information about the spare rooms available at their hostel. Students often team up with a couple of their college mates and share alerts of local rental sites.


When we consider a college where students from outstations come in to study, there seem several options available for student halls Glasgow. There are various kinds of suites, studio, apartments, dorms and even shared accommodations in choice for the students. The pricing of the on-campus and off-campus accommodations may vary from the quality of rooms, the attached amenities, the gym access, the catering services and it also depends on the number of sharing in the apartment or suite is involved.


 There is everything available for students that suit their budget. It just asks for an early bird to catch the worm. It is a proven fact that dorm rooms and private studios are quite costly as there are multiple benefits of gym access, catering services and many safety terms involved. Students have discounts when they bring in an additional candidate to reside in. there are other options like a privately shared suite and apartments available for tenancy agreement through independent landlords. They are more cost-effective to the students. The students must have a set budget before making their travel and accommodation expenses. They also have to have an extension limit to their set budget as there is always a possibility of uncertain expenditure.


The students new to the city should know about are the places where they can commute. They should self-introspect before they make a decision where they cannot adjust. They must know in advance if they can live under a dual occupancy studio or if they need a private room. However, living on-campus always turns out as a preferable option for the students because all the basic facilities necessary for the students are just right there around the campus. There is a greater probability for the students to stay in touch with their college mates whenever the need arises. It is much easier to have social activities together. There is a library for late-night study sessions and a much safer environment. It is always a plus-point to the student to live on-campus as they find themselves more engaged in college activities.

Living off-campus can be a more comfortable experience for students who have an outer circle of people in the city or prefer a solitary place to study. Students en-suite off-campus when they have a part-time job nearby or when they want to visit back home frequently. One has to check their budget, lifestyle and distance of the apartment from college and essential’s market before deciding to find a place like home.


When the students hunt through online websites and look for rooms and shared apartments available around the campus, they shortlist few places to check out according to their choice of amenities available along with it. They also have sample pictures of the available spare rooms. It is quite noticeable that the vacant rooms we see as in the ‘pictures on the website’ are more spacious than what they are in reality. There is always some twist of events that students may face while hunting for a place to live. It is essential to check out the accommodation through video calls or acquaintance if it is not convenient for the student to visit before time.


Students should also learn space-saving and storage hacks when they know they have to bring an entire home space into their shared room. There are tutorials available online that teach how to make a small place productive, functional and homely. The student has to have a little perspective and enough knowledge for the same before deciding to move in. The shared en-suite should also have a study table with good quality and speedy internet connection.


 The students need to check if the accommodation provides the required basic-facilities and are in good condition to work. The place should not have termite in the closets. It should have had seasonal pest control. The private rental apartment and en-suites often lack these cleanliness facilities. The dorms and student halls must have separate cleaners available to ensure that you do not have to rely on common cleaners for the commute.


Student’s first concern is the safety of their stuff and the place itself. One must check if the studio with student residents has a gatekeeper to assist and record the people entering-in and going out of the building. The building should have essential facilities like burglar detecting systems and fire alarms for the resident’s safety. Students should feel relaxed when they know there are automatic locking systems and efficient safety measures involved.

Things do get pretty much easier when you have a plan in your mind. When you enlist the above pre-requisites in mind before hunting a place to live, shortlisting becomes more reliable, comfortable and less cumbersome.

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