KidSmart App Review

KidSmart is a great new educational app for primary school children from reception, all the way up to year 6 and can also be used for 11+ preparation if you are preparing your child for grammar school entry.

With three children in primary school, and one preschool age, I was really interested to put this app to the test with my kids and have found it to be a great tool for home learning. KidSmart is very comprehensive, covering both Maths and English topics for all ages and is pretty flexible – it adapts to your child, finding the right level for them and automatically generating suitable questions to challenge them.

I was easily able to create four profiles within the app, for each of my children, so that their progress will be tracked separately. They each got a cute little avatar so they can recognise their accounts straight away, and each child can have rewards set up within their account to motivate them to complete the tasks.

You can change these within the parent area, adding any reward that you like, and you can increase the amount of coins you would like them to earn to get it and so on. This did really appeal to the boys, as they saw that it could be a great way to earn little treats that they had been hoping for, and my eldest soon noticed that if he got a certain amount of questions correct in a row, and then all of his questions correct, then he would be rewarded with bonus coins helping him to reach the targets quicker. This can help them to focus and concentrate, as they’re keen to get those top scores and avoid the silly mistakes.

As the children work, as well as gaining coins towards their real word rewards, they will unlock different creatures and characters for maps within the game, which adds a bit of fun and my younger two boys particularly enjoyed this.

These maps are also educational as you do get information on the animals or landmarks that you unlock too, to add a bit of general knowledge.

I also liked them after completing a certain amount of the English or Maths worksheets, each child would unlock some short educational videos too to help break up the work and keep things interesting. These could be on a variety of topics, like Science, or for the youngest children it could be a short video with letter sounds.

There are also some educational games included that they can choose to play on at any time.

While working through the worksheets within the app, if the children do get an answer wrong or are not sure then there are hints and explanations provided if needed

Or if more input is needed you can even flag the question and get more in depth question from a real life tutor within the app. This is not something we tried ourselves as yet, as the boys found that they were able to understand the work with the written explanations and with me at home to help them as needed, but it is definitely an interesting concept to have tutors available within the app itself.

As a parent, you can also get a great over view of your child’s work and see which areas and topics they need more work on and how they are progressing, as well as getting reports of exactly what tasks they have been completing each day.

KidSmart is an easy to use app, both for kids and parents. We really liked how comprehensive it is, and it has a great balance of in depth learning, fun, and motivation for the kids with the real world reward system.

To find out more, and to get a whopping 20% discount for anyone registering before the end of February, head over to and click on ‘Get Early Access’. Then as soon as the app is live (which will be by the end of February) you will be sent the link to the app store to download it!

We were provided with pre-launch access to the app in order to test it out and share our review

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