Ravensburger Fairytale Fantasia 1000 Piece Puzzle Review

Fairytale Fantasia is a beautiful dreamy puzzle that I really enjoyed putting together. With 1000 pieces and a scene with a background of colourful books, it has lots of details to discover as you piece it together and the scene has a relaxing vibe.

The puzzle includes lots of different characters and sections, from the mad hatter’s tea party, to Aladdin’s lamp, a circus tent, fireworks, dragons and even more. Because of all the different sections, I found this puzzle not too challenging to put together and I was able to complete it more quickly than some of the other 1000 piece puzzles I’ve tried, which is great as it can be quite satisfying to put together quickly. I always enjoy the accomplishment of completing a puzzle!

This was definitely one of my favourite puzzles that I’ve completed so far. Ravensburger always have brilliant quality, and this Fairytale Fantasia puzzle is no different. I really liked the beautiful touches within the design of this one, like the little bubbles floating by and the colours of the night sky.

It’s also a really nice puzzle for book lover as you can spot all of the different titles used on the spines, and there is a little page in the bottom corner reading “Once Upon a Time… in a kingdom filled with enchanted books, there was a girl who loved to read…”

This puzzle was designed by Aimee Stewart for Ravensburger and I would definitely do more puzzles by the same artist, as it’s a great style. This puzzle is recommended for age 12 years old and upwards, and is great for adults as well as older kids who are able to manage these larger puzzles of 1000 pieces.

This puzzle is available from retailers including Amazon for around 12.99

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