Jordan A Must-Visit Destination for Every Traveler

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By Luciana Oliveira

Have you ever thought of a place where the warmth of the welcome is as vibrant as the starry skies and old history colors the landscape? Jordan is the only place to look. Ten million people live in this little treasure of the Middle East, yet its beauties go well beyond its size. Jordan welcomes you to experience its distinct fusion of history, hospitality, and scenic beauty, from the captivating rose-red city of Petra to the astronomy sanctuary of Dana Biosphere Reserve. Take a little trip with us to see why Jordan should be on your list of places to visit.

Explore Petra: The Rose City’s Timeless Beauty

With only 10 million people living there, Jordan may seem like little, but it offers visitors a treasure trove of experiences. The ancient Nabatean city of Petra, sometimes referred to as the Rose City, stands at the top of this list. The magnificent main entrance of Petra, reached along a meandering stone passage, is only the start of the architectural wonders.

Since 312 BCE, Petra has been the home of the Nabatean people. UNESCO has recognized Petra as “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage.” Through Culture Trip’s comprehensive nine-day Jordan tour, which lets you access the back door to avoid crowds, you may uniquely see this beauty.

Stargazing at Dana Biosphere Reserve

Jordan provides the Dana Biosphere Reserve, the biggest natural reserve encompassing over 320 square kilometers of mountains and valleys, for those enthralled by the marvels of the night sky. One of the greatest places in the world to go stargazing is Dana Biosphere Reserve, home to a wide variety of flora and animals from Asia, Europe, and Africa. Imagine yourself in the peaceful surroundings of nature, stargazing at the stars.

Jordanian Hospitality: A Heartwarming Experience

If Jordan is known for anything, its people’s warmth and hospitality. The kindness of the people in the area, who go above and beyond to ensure visitors have a great time, frequently leaves visitors feeling moved. A stay in a typical Bedouin camping in the Wadi Rum desert is part of Culture Trip’s small-group Jordan tour, so be prepared to be welcomed for supper and tea.

Safety Amidst Geopolitical Challenges

Though Jordan is situated in a geopolitical hot spot, it continues to be a safe refuge for tourists. The nation protects travelers from the area’s problems, whether alone or with a group. Jordan is a well-liked and secure tourism destination; in 2015 alone, the British embassy recorded over 60,820 visits from British visitors.

Culinary Delights: Beyond Falafel and Hummus

There is much more to Jordanian food than only the country’s signature falafel and hummus. The Royal Jordanian cuisine prepared at home is tasty and healthful. Must-try foods include maqluba, a rice and beef dish, and mansaf, the national cuisine of Jordan. Even dining at high-end restaurants in Jordan may be surprisingly reasonable for food connoisseurs.

Amman: A Cultural Hub

Amman, the nation’s capital, is a center for Middle Eastern artistic and cultural expression. Amman, a melting pot of refugees fleeing regional crises, hosts exhibits by artists from Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and other countries. Visit places like Weibdeh and Jabal Amman to learn about the political climate via art.

Embracing Diversity: From Bedouin Deserts to Urban Life

Jordan’s varied landscapes and ways of life astound visitors. Camp with Bedouins in the Wadi Rum desert to experience their tranquil way of life, and then dive into Amman’s vibrant urban scene. Within its boundaries, Jordan has a variety of experiences to offer.

Religious Harmony: Churches and Mosques Side by Side

Jordan is a country with a majority of Muslims, although it values religious pluralism. Ecumenical Christian communities live side by side, with churches and mosques across from one another. The Athan, or Muslim call to prayer, and church bells resonating in the same space represent the harmonious coexistence of all religions.

Accommodation for Every Budget

Jordan has lodging options to suit all budgets. You may arrange a vacation to Jordan that fits your budget, with options ranging from affordable homestays to opulent health retreats. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the nation’s top attractions.

Ancient Civilizations: Walking in the Footsteps of History

Jordan is home to several excellently conserved Roman archeological sites. Marvel at the Roman Theatre in downtown Amman, explore the remains of the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa near Jerash and take in the expansive views from the Citadel. Jordan welcomes you to experience history and come to life by walking in the footsteps of past civilizations.

Hassle-Free Travel: Visa on Arrival

Jordan makes trip planning easier by providing tourists from more than 130 countries with tourist visas upon arrival. Because of this ease, you can be spontaneous and start your royal Jordanian trip with a trustworthy service like Almosafer whenever the urge takes you.

Perfect Weather Year-Round

Jordan is a great place to visit all year round because of its lovely weather. Even though the winters might be harsh, spring arrives early in February, enabling travel to all areas until around November. The dry weather ensures the absence of the oppressive humidity that is frequently present in seaside locations.

Diverse Landscapes: From Deserts to Mountains

Jordan’s varied landscapes provide witness to its exceptional natural beauty. The nation offers breathtaking landscapes from its lush, verdant north to its arid deserts in the south and its hilly Amman region. On guided treks, adventurers may explore the valleys of central Jordan and take in the breathtaking natural scenery.

Floating in the Dead Sea: A Unique Experience

Every trip to Jordan is complete with floating in the Dead Sea with ease. The high salt content makes a distinctive and buoyant feeling possible, and the natural mud’s therapeutic qualities enhance the experience. A refreshing and remarkable experience is guaranteed while taking a plunge in the Dead Sea.

A Small Nation with Vast Wonders

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is quite small—just 89 square kilometers—but has many different attractions. It takes around five hours to get from the northern city of Irbid to the southern city of Aqaba by the Red Sea, so a week is plenty of time to enjoy all Jordan offers.

Think about the wide range of activities Jordan offers as you arrange your trip to this fascinating Middle Eastern country. Jordan is a must-visit location for all tourists, offering everything from historical treasures to contemporary cultural hotspots, the friendliness of its people, and a diverse range of landscapes.

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