150+ Funny and Epic Dare Ideas for Kids (with Free Printable Cards) 

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Are you looking for a way to spice up your next family game night, birthday party, or sleepover? Dares are a fantastic way to add excitement and laughter to any gathering, especially when kids are involved. But let’s be honest, coming up with original and appropriate dares can be quite the challenge. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of over 150 funny and epic dares for kids to do.

Each dare is carefully chosen to ensure it’s suitable for children, so you can relax knowing that they’re all in good, clean fun.

Let’s dive into the world of dares that will make your next family event a memorable one! And even better – we’ve included a free printable PDF so that you can download the dare questions as cards so that you’ll never run out of good dares when playing a game of truth or dare at your next family party. 

funny dares for kids to do, list of over 150 and free printable cards

From the giggles of little kids playing classic games to the whole family joining in on the fun, our list of dares and truth questions is designed to bring joy to children of all ages. Whether you’re looking for funny dares, silly challenges, or good truth questions, we’ve got you covered.

Our dares range from the funniest to the most embarrassing things, all while ensuring a clean, wholesome experience.

Perfect for birthday parties, family game nights, or just a weekend fun game, this collection promises a great time for everyone. So, dive into our exciting list of dares and let the good times roll!

Dares List For Kids

Embark on an exciting journey with our handpicked list of over 150 funny and epic dares perfect for kids.

These dares are guaranteed to bring giggles and create memorable moments at parties, family game nights, or any fun gathering.

Each one is carefully crafted to be safe, engaging, and absolutely hilarious, ensuring that both kids and adults can join in the fun. So, get ready to challenge your creativity and have a blast!

dare to begin
  1. Sing Your Favorite Song: Belt out your favorite tune at the top of your lungs.
  2. Dance Like a Chicken: Flap your arms and strut around like a chicken for one minute.
  3. Do a Model Walk: Strut down an imaginary runway like a fashion model.
  4. Mimic a Rock Star: Air guitar your way through an imaginary rock concert.
  5. Act Like Your Favorite Animal: Spend the next turn behaving like your favorite animal.
  6. Recite a Nursery Rhyme: Pick a nursery rhyme and recite it in a dramatic fashion.
  7. Speak with a French Accent: Talk in a French accent until your next turn.
  8. Imitate Your Best Friend: Imitate your best friend’s most recognizable traits for a few minutes.
  9. Make a Silly Face: Create the silliest face you can and hold it for 30 seconds.
  10. Perform the Chicken Dance: Do the chicken dance while humming the tune.
  11. Pretend to Be a Statue: Freeze in a funny pose until someone else’s turn is over.
  12. Do a Tik-Tok-Style Dance Routine: Show off your best dance moves in a short routine.
  13. Recite the National Anthem: Sing or recite the national anthem with enthusiasm.
  14. Talk in Baby Talk: Communicate in baby talk until it’s your turn again.
  15. Wear Sunglasses Indoors: Put on a pair of sunglasses and wear them for the rest of the game.
  16. Talk in Third Person: Refer to yourself in the third person for the next three turns.
  17. Balance a Book on Your Head: Walk in a straight line with a book balanced on your head.
  18. Pretend to Be on a Deserted Island: Act out how you would survive on a deserted island.
  19. Imitate a Family Member: Imitate a family member without saying who it is.
  20. Draw a Silly Picture: Draw a picture of an imaginary friend with your eyes closed.
  21. Text a Silly Message: Send a goofy text message to a family member.
  22. Wrap Yourself in Toilet Paper: Create a mummy costume using toilet paper.
  23. Play Air Guitar: Jam out on an imaginary guitar for a whole song.
  24. Recite Your Favorite Movie Scene: Act out your favorite scene from a movie.
  25. Make a Time Capsule: Describe what you would put in a time capsule.
  26. Do a Play-by-Play Commentary: Narrate the next person’s actions like a sports commentator.
  27. Make a Prank Call: Make a harmless prank call to a family member.
  28. Create a Handshake: Invent a unique handshake with the person next to you.
  29. Sing “Happy Birthday” in a Funny Voice: Sing “Happy Birthday” as loud as you can in a funny voice.
  30. Pretend to Be a Video Game Character: Act like your favorite video game character for five minutes.
  31. Sing a Christmas Carol in July: Choose a Christmas carol and sing it, no matter the season.
  32. Walk Backwards: Walk backwards until your next turn.
  33. Pretend to Be a Teacher: Teach a short lesson on your favorite subject.
  34. Speak in Rhymes: Only speak in rhyming sentences for the next 10 minutes.
  35. Mimic Your Favorite Cartoon Character: Imitate your favorite cartoon character’s voice and actions.
  36. Do the Limbo: Use a broom and see how low you can go in the limbo.
  37. Make a Silly Challenge: Challenge the next person to a thumb wrestling match.
  38. Pretend to Be a News Anchor: Report a funny, made-up news story.
  39. Play Charades: Act out your favorite movie or book without speaking.
  40. Recite “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”: Sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” while doing a dance.
  41. Draw with Your Non-Dominant Hand: Draw a picture of your house using your non-dominant hand.
  42. Use Chopsticks: Try eating a snack using chopsticks.
  43. Do a Sock Puppet Show: Create a short story with sock puppets.
  44. Mimic an Emoji: Choose an emoji and mimic its expression and pose.
  45. Tell a Silly Joke: Share the funniest joke you know.
  46. Play Mirror: Mirror the actions of another player for three minutes.
  47. Pretend to Be a Ghost: Drape a sheet over your head and act like a ghost.
  48. Do a Yoga Pose: Try holding a yoga pose for one minute.
  49. Create a Secret Code: Invent a secret code and write a message for someone to decipher.
  50. Talk with a Mouthful of Marshmallows: Try speaking a sentence with a mouthful of marshmallows (safely!).
  51. Do a Silly Dance Every Time Someone Says ‘Dare’: Whenever someone says “dare”, break into a silly dance.
  52. Pretend to Be a Laughing Hyena: Laugh like a hyena non-stop for one minute.
  53. Walk Like a Crab: Move across the room walking like a crab.
  54. Imitate a Famous Comedian: Do your best impression of a famous comedian.
  55. Make a Funny Face and Freeze: Make the funniest face you can and hold it for 30 seconds.
  56. Talk Like You’re In Fast Forward: Speak as fast as you can for your next two turns.
  57. Pretend to Be a T-Rex: Act like a T-Rex, with short arm movements and loud roars.
  58. Wear Your Clothes Backwards: Turn your shirt or pants backwards and wear them that way.
  59. Act Like You’re in Slow Motion: Move and talk in slow motion until your next turn.
  60. Try to Make Someone Laugh Without Talking: Use only gestures and facial expressions to make someone laugh.
  61. Pretend to Be a Stand-up Comedian: Deliver a short, funny monologue as if you’re a comedian.
  62. Act Out a Famous TV Commercial: Re-enact a well-known TV commercial.
  63. Do a Dramatic Reading of a Random Text Message: Read a text message dramatically, as if in a theater.
  64. Pretend to Be a Runway Model with Silly Poses: Walk like a runway model but with exaggerated, silly poses.
  65. Narrate Someone Else’s Actions in a Funny Voice: Choose someone and narrate everything they do in a funny voice.
  66. Speak in Rhymes and Riddles: Only speak in rhymes or riddles for the next five minutes.
  67. Act Like a Villain from a Movie: Be a movie villain, complete with evil laugh and dialogue.
  68. Try to Juggle with Soft Objects: Attempt to juggle with soft, harmless items.
  69. Make Up a Rap About a Household Object: Create a short rap about something in the room.
  70. Pretend to Be an Astronaut: Act out how you would walk on the moon.
  71. Blindfolded Obstacle Course: Create a safe obstacle course and navigate it blindfolded.
  72. Pretend to Be a Robot: Move and talk like a robot for five minutes.
  73. Recite the Alphabet Backwards: Say the alphabet backwards as fast as you can.
  74. Tell a Story Backwards: Tell a well-known story, but start from the end and work to the beginning.
  75. Give a Compliment: Give everyone in the room a genuine compliment.
  76. Mimic Your Favorite Pop Star: Perform like your favorite pop star for a song.
  77. Do a Silly Walk: Walk in the silliest way you can imagine to the other side of the room.
  78. Whisper a Secret: Whisper a funny (but appropriate) secret to the person next to you.
  79. Act Like a Superhero: Pretend to be a superhero and demonstrate your superpower.
  80. Hold Your Breath: See how long you can hold your breath (safely!).
  81. Recite a Poem: Choose a simple poem and recite it with dramatic flair.
  82. Pretend to Be a Weather Reporter: Give a weather report for the next day in a creative way.
  83. Play the Air Drums: Mimic playing the drums to your favorite song.
  84. Tell a Story Using Only Gestures: Narrate a story using only hand gestures and facial expressions.
  85. Pretend to Be a Frog: Jump around the room like a frog for two minutes.
  86. Speak with a British Accent: Talk in a British accent until your next turn.
  87. Do a Magic Trick: Perform a simple magic trick.
  88. Walk on Your Knees: Move around the room on your knees for one minute.
  89. Act Like a Mime: Pretend you’re a mime stuck in an invisible box.
  90. Hum a Song and Get Others to Guess: Hum a tune and have others guess the song.
  91. Play Shadow Puppets: Make shadow puppets on the wall using your hands.
  92. Do an Impression of a Celebrity: Impersonate a famous person (without saying their name).
  93. Pretend to Be a Chef: Describe how to make your favorite meal in a cooking show style.
  94. Act Out a Famous Painting: Pose like a figure from a famous painting.
  95. Do a Handstand or Attempt One: Safely try to do a handstand.
  96. Pretend to Walk on the Moon: Move around as if you’re in zero gravity.
  97. Speak Only in Song Lyrics: Communicate using only song lyrics for five minutes.
  98. Make a Funny Hat Out of Paper: Craft a hat from paper and wear it for the game.
  99. Act Like a Monkey: Imitate a monkey, complete with sounds and actions.
  100. Do a Puppet Show with Socks: Use socks to do a brief puppet show.
truth or dare
  1. Tell a Fairy Tale in a Silly Voice: Narrate a fairy tale in a goofy voice.
  2. Perform a Stand-up Comedy Routine: Tell a few jokes in a mini stand-up comedy session.
  3. Draw a Portrait Blindfolded: Try to draw a portrait of someone while blindfolded.
  4. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance in a Whisper: Say the Pledge of Allegiance in a whisper.
  5. Act Like a Silent Movie Star: Emote and act without speaking, like in a silent movie.
  6. Mimic a Famous Dancer: Imitate the dance moves of a famous dancer.
  7. Create an Imaginary Friend: Describe your imaginary friend in detail.
  8. Talk Like a Pirate: Arrr, speak like a pirate until it’s your next turn.
  9. Draw a Treasure Map: Sketch a simple treasure map.
  10. Play a Song on Invisible Instruments: Form a band and play invisible instruments.
  11. Speak in Animal Sounds: Communicate only using animal sounds for the next three turns.
  12. Pretend to Be a Famous Painter: Mimic painting a masterpiece like a famous artist.
  13. Act Like a Car: Make car noises and ‘drive’ around the room.
  14. Pretend to Be a Chef on a Cooking Show: Describe how to cook a silly, imaginary dish.
  15. Do an Exaggerated Yawn: Perform the most dramatic yawn possible.
  16. Wear a Funny Hat Made from Kitchen Items: Create a hat using only items found in the kitchen.
  17. Act Like You’re Walking on Hot Coals: Pretend the floor is hot and react accordingly.
  18. Pretend to Be a News Reporter Covering an Alien Invasion: Report on a fictional alien invasion.
  19. Sing a Song as an Opera Singer: Perform a song in an over-the-top opera style.
  20. Mimic a Robot That’s Running Out of Batteries: Act like a robot slowly losing power.
  21. Do a Silly Walk Inspired by a Cartoon Character: Walk around imitating a cartoon character’s walk.
  22. Pretend to Be a Spy on a Secret Mission: Act out being a spy on an imaginative mission.
  23. Make Animal Balloon Shapes Out of Imaginary Balloons: Pretend to twist balloons into animals.
  24. Speak Like a News Anchor Reporting Breaking News: Report everyday activities as breaking news.
  25. Act Like You’re in a Music Video: Perform an everyday task as if you’re in a music video.
  26. Try to Laugh Without Smiling: Attempt to laugh heartily without showing your teeth.
  27. Pretend to Be a Magician Performing a Magic Show: Perform a mock magic show with imaginary tricks.
  28. Imitate a Video Game Character Losing a Life: Act out a video game character’s reaction to losing a game.
  29. Mime Getting Stuck in an Imaginary Box: Pretend you’re a mime trapped in a box.
  30. Act Like You’re on a Roller Coaster: Mimic the expressions and movements of riding a roller coaster.
  31. Hold an Ice Cube Until it Melts: Hold an ice cube in your hand until it completely melts.
  32. Recount the Last Time You Did Something Silly: Share the story of the last time you did something really funny.
  33. Act Out Your Favorite Book: Pick your favorite book and act out a scene from it.
  34. Create a Funny Handshake with the Youngest Player: Invent a unique and funny handshake.
  35. Answer a ‘Good Truth Question’: Answer an imaginative ‘good truth’ question asked by another player.
  36. Perform a Silly Dare Invented by the Group: Let the group create a silly dare just for you.
  37. Pretend to Be a Stuffed Animal Come to Life: Act like one of your stuffed animals has come to life.
  38. Guess the Next Dare Before It’s Said: Try to guess what the next dare will be.
  39. Recreate Your Most Embarrassing Moment in a Funny Way: Share a funny version of your most embarrassing moment.
  40. Eat a Spoonful of Peanut Butter Without Using Your Hands: Try eating peanut butter without using your hands.
  41. Act Out a Scene from Your Favorite TV Show: Perform a memorable scene from a TV show you love.
  42. Mimic Playing a Video Game: Act out playing your favorite video game.
  43. Dance in the Front Yard: Do a funny dance in the front yard (make sure it’s safe!).
  44. Name Your Favorite Color in 10 Different Languages: Say your favorite color in as many languages as you can.
  45. Drink a Glass of Water While Doing a Silly Walk: Drink water while walking in a funny way.
  46. Make Silly Faces for a Whole Minute: Pull as many silly faces as you can in 60 seconds.
  47. Wrap Yourself in Toilet Paper and Pretend to Be a Mummy: Become a toilet paper mummy.
  48. Pretend to Be in a Time Machine: Act like you’re traveling through time.
  49. Do the Funniest Thing You Can Think of with a Face Mask: Put on a face mask and do something hilarious.
  50. Pretend Your Friend’s Hair is a Wig: Gently pretend to adjust your friend’s hair like it’s a wig.
  51. Sing a Pop Song in the Style of an Opera Singer: Choose a pop song and sing it operatically.
  52. Pretend to Be a Fashion Model in a Silly Outfit: Dress up in a funny outfit and do a model walk.
  53. Describe Your Best Day Ever in a Funny Voice: Talk about your best day ever using a humorous voice.
  54. Act Like You’re Eating Your Favorite Food in Slow Motion: Mimic eating your favorite meal in slow motion.
  55. Post a Silly Challenge on Social Media: Share a funny, kid-appropriate challenge on social media (with permission).
best dares for kids to do

Download PDF

Ready for Endless Fun?
Click the link below to download a PDF version of our ‘150 Funny and Epic Dare Ideas for Kids’.

This handy guide is perfect for printing or sharing at your next event, ensuring you’re never short of ideas to keep the laughter rolling.

Whether it’s a birthday party, a sleepover, or just a family day, these dares are your ticket to a fun-filled time!

Terms of use: Free for personal use and classroom use, not for commercial use.

Printing tips: Print on card stock for longer lasting game cards. Adjust your printer settings to print more than one page per sheet of paper for smaller cards.

There you have it – over 150 hilarious and kid-friendly dares to keep the laughter rolling at your next family gathering or kids’ party. These dares are not only entertaining but also a great way to encourage creativity and break the ice among children. Remember, the goal is to have fun and create lasting memories, so feel free to adapt these dares to suit the age group and preferences of your young participants. Let the games begin, and let’s make some epic memories!

Remember, the key to a successful dare game is respect and fun. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the dares and always keep the atmosphere positive and lighthearted!

More Fun for Kids

We hope you enjoyed our list of fun dares, silly dares and all the best dares to have a good time. Here are a few more activities and jokes we’re sure you’ll love too!

​Check them out, and feel free to share with friends and family 

best dares for kids to do, list of over 150 fun and clean dares for kids playing truth or dare
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