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jetpackjourneysnameJetpack Journeys is a new app from Inkology, aimed at inspiring children all about the wonders of space. Outer space is a topic I find fascinating myself and would love the boys to develop and interest in it and gain more knowledge about space. It’s something really worthwhile knowing, to understand our place in the solar system and to imagine all the possibilities of how vast our universe really is! There is a lot I could actually learn myself and of course being young the children can only start with the basics but to nurture curiosity is a great starting point. The creators of Jetpack Journeys are really passionate about developing accessible information for preschool children about Space, and I feel that passion comes through in the app that’s been created.

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The Jetpack Journeys app is available through the App Store for iPad and iPhone for 69p. The graphics on the app are great and this is one of the apps real strength. In the app, you can fly your rocket around through space and the graphics in the background are amazing, you see the stars and meteors moving around you and it seems really realistic. The children can choose to collect stars (these ones are star shapes and not part of the background, so it’s obvious to the child what they are looking for) and can also choose to land on planets. Once you land on the planet, you can also explore there and collect rocket parts as well as stars. You get the option to build and design your own rocket, and the parts you choose will be the parts you collect. Nasa is no longer building spaceships – so Jetpack Journeys hopes to inspire the younger generation and maybe they can continue this work in the future!

I liked that the app teaches the planet names to the children and also helps them to recognise the distinctive look of each planet. The boys enjoyed the rocket builder, and the game is suitable for all ages as it is not competitive and you can simply roam around space exploring and picking up stars if you wish.

In addition to the app, there is also a Jetpack Journeys magazine, which we were sent to try out.

jetpackjourneyThe magazine has a variety of activities, from spot the difference, to mazes and colouring. It also has comic stories with the Jetpack Journeys characters and some facts and information about space – in this issue it is about the Hubble Space Telescope, and The Moon. The information is explained in pretty simple terms, so for younger children you can read it to them and it should be fairly understandable. I would say the magazine is suitable for children all through primary school age, and may be a little tricky for under 4s.

The magazine is published on good quality glossy paper so it should last very well, so after reading it can be easily kept in the book shelf and returned to later on. We will be keeping ours to go back to again so the children can pick up more from it each time.

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