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We have been taking part in a blogger challenge from MORE TH>N Insurance – to create some carpet art!

Recently research revealed that 35% of Brits have spilt or knocked food, drinks and other substances onto their carpets while getting over-excited watching sport on TV – although we are not massive sports watchers we have had plenty of spilt items on our floor! Luckily we have wooden floors in our living room but then there is still a large rug which is quite at risk of spills!

MORE TH>N teamed up with award winning artist Ed Chapman to create a magnificent piece of carpet art depicting Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Victory – a great sporting moment of 2013!

more than carpet art andy murray wimbledonHow impressive is that! I can’t claim to have such amazing carpet art skills myself but we are always happy to give something new a go, and decorating carpet is not something that the children or I had ever thought of before!

more th>n carpet artOur carpet… a clean and blank canvas but not for long!

Our challenge was to decorate the carpet using items that are commonly spilled in the household such as food, drink, make up or paint. I did steer clear of painting with food – although the boys would have been over joyed to paint with ketchup but I didn’t want the house to smell of food and ketchup once they had finished so I decided to go down the make up route instead, with a bit of paint thrown in for good measure!

Mr Z helped me out and we decorated our carpet with:

  • Nail Varnish – 3 colours
  • Face Mask
  • Lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Bronzer
  • Paint
  • Glitter Paint

more th>n carpet artmore th>n carpet artIt’s always fun to try something new! Mr Z was so surprised when I offered him make up to paint with, as he knows I wouldn’t normally want him to do his crafts with those!

Our design rather than being of anything in particular is more just a design about exploring the textures and materials. There is a heart, a star, a sun, the word “mum” and some random numbers on there written by Mr Z!

Disclaimer: This post is part of a competition from More th>n and we were compensated for the materials used.

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