Jamaal & Layla – New characters for Muslim Kids!

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Jamaal and Layla is a new brand aiming to make learning fun for children and help them to strengthen their Islamic identity. The concept has been designed by Fine Arts graduate Sukainah Al-Masyabi and centres around the two siblings Jamaal and Layla, and their little pets Momo and Mimi.

As a Muslim parent, I am always happy to see new ideas and products being brought out to support our kids in being proud to be a Muslim and to help them learn in a fun way. I do find with mine that as they are young, things like reward charts really do help to motivate and keep their interest so its good to see websites out there providing resources and encouraging families with this. Being Ramadan, its a great time to start with some of these resources and at the moment they are freely available to download and print from their website.

They have:

Salaah Chart

Ramadaan Goal Chart

Ramadaan Poster

Reminders Posters (to help with manners for eating and drinking)

5 Pillars of Islam posters

and Stickers for the reward charts

Some of these could also be useful for any R.E teachers to make a display in the class!

Please do support Jamaal and Layla. The intention is that with support, they will be able to make more resources including a cartoon series insha allah.

They also have some basic Arabic learning resources for children on the website, focusing on the alphabet. This is something I would love to see more of, especially if they were able to progress into short lessons with words and sentences.

Have a look around the website and why not give them a like on Facebook then you can stay fully up to date and maybe share any suggestions of your own.

I hope to see Jamaal and Layla available in Islamic shops soon, and Ramadan Mubarak to everyone! 🙂

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