How to Motivate Yourself to Study: Top 10 Ways

For students, academic motivation is a very important factor for success. How to find the right motivation to study? Read this article for some interesting tips on how to motivate yourself to study.

Procrastination and lack of motivation usually get in the way of learning. Other common reasons are disorganization, constant failures, and a low level of concentration. Let’s talk about how to make yourself study if everything is lazy and how to stop procrastinating at school and university.  Essay writing service specialists have prepared the top 10 most effective ways to increase the craving for knowledge and self-organization.


Why are you too lazy to study? The reasons and ways to eliminate them

Such a concept as “laziness” should not be used in principle – it is denied by many modern psychologists. Laziness is always decomposed into a lack of motivation and willpower. Therefore it is necessary to fight with them, and not with some abstract quality, which many believe is an inborn or acquired defect.

The most common reasons for reluctance to learn:

  • lack of motivation.
  • weak willpower.
  • procrastination.
  • disorganization.
  • constant failure.

These are the main reasons, but not the only ones. You may suffer from poor concentration, a low level of responsibility, or subconsciously seek to put yourself in a difficult situation in order to try to win a grand victory against the problems that you yourself have created. However, we propose to consider the main reasons for reluctance to learn, which are relevant in 9 out of 10 cases.

Lack of motivation

You do not understand why you want to learn, and you do not see the real benefits of the efforts made. If in addition to this, the process itself does not cause you the slightest interest, it is incredibly difficult to force yourself to study – every time it seems like pointless torture.

What to do:

Find motivation. Explain to yourself the real benefits of successfully completed work. Preferably, the incentive is not the achievement of trivial goals, but significant benefits. That is, in itself an “A” for the test work does not make sense to you, but an “A” as an indicator of knowledge of the subject, which will later be useful for entering higher education or passing the state exam is a more powerful motivation.

Weak willpower

The very concept of “willpower” is quite abstract and even theological. Psychotherapists increasingly suggest replacing “lack of willpower” with a state of “lack of self-control and inner discipline.” The latter consists of learning to control psychological impulses and resist temptation.

What to do:

Willpower becomes weak when the inner self is underdeveloped and total dependence on algorithms with the least resistance when automatic behavior is developed. Other reasons for low self-control are lack of emotional energy, as well as its inefficient use. You need to start working on yourself and eliminating the causes of your lack of willpower.


In the process of fighting this “ailment”, you will understand how to start learning if everything is lazy and you are constantly putting things off for later. In fact, procrastination is the tendency to constantly postpone things, in particular important and urgent ones. Among the causes of this condition are low self-esteem, perfectionism, a spirit of contradiction, and toxic psychological attitudes.

What to do:

There is no universal way to combat procrastination – you will have to try all existing techniques and look for the one that will work for you.

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How to motivate yourself to study if you’re too lazy? Top 10 effective ways

These ways are not a shocking novelty but are extremely effective in increasing motivation and self-organization. In fact, each of them is an integral part of creating the ideal environment and gaining internal discipline to study.

Understand Your Desires

It is important to do what you really like. If you entered the university by inertia or third-party advice, if you are trying to master subjects that are frankly disgusting to you, you will not be able not only to find full motivation but also to become a happy person. Understand your desires and do what you really like.

Find the benefits

Realize the real benefits of achieving every small task and a big goal. Understand how successful studies can change your life. In the meantime, don’t suffer from perfectionism and try not to devote your free time only to your studies. They should not become an end in itself – they should remain a tool to achieve the goal.

Give yourself incentives

Reward yourself if you’re not rewarded externally. Think of any available gift you can give yourself after you reach the goal. It can be a trip to the movies, a nice pen, or even a flavored tea.

Plan your day

Try effective time management techniques. Make a schedule for the next day every night and plan for possible fatigue, delays, and unforeseen matters. Try to be consistent, working out in the first half of the day and leaving fun and chores for the evening.

Arrange your workspace

The workplace should be comfortable – dim light, plenty of shadows, objects in the way of your elbows, and unwashed cups will distract you. Be sure to keep it clean: it is important to feel comfortable when studying, it cannot be achieved in a mess.

Set the right mood

You do not have to study – it’s your choice and only yours. So the word “must” should be replaced with the word “choose”. Awareness of this fact will help you get rid of the burden of imposed classes and understand that you study on your own initiative.

Achieve your goals every day

Set small goals and achieve them every day. This way you can track your progress and become more motivated with each successfully completed goal.

Stop being distracted

Eliminate any items that distract you – harsh sounds, voices from open windows, social media, and even food. Don’t get distracted by frequent snacking; try to follow a normal eating routine.

Learn to organize yourself

Make a daily routine until you realize that you’ve learned how to do important things in a relaxed way and leave enough time for rest. Eliminate all unimportant activities – they are just an excuse for procrastination.

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Take Responsibility

It’s time to take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your life in general. What happens to you is nobody’s fault but yours. There’s nothing stopping you from just taking a break from learning. Think about what happens after that? What lies ahead? The prospects are unlikely to be bright. Take responsibility and don’t look for excuses.


How do you start studying if you’re too lazy and you’re constantly putting off school or university for later? You need to understand your desires, find motivation, get rid of procrastination, and learn to organize yourself. Start now and tonight you will celebrate the completion of the first effective day.

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    And as for the workspace, many people find themselves much more productive when they work and study out of the home. First of all, there are a lot of distractions in the house and, additionally, it’s much easier to concentrate on your tasks when you’re among people engaged in work – in the work environment.


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