How landlords can make their rented property perfect for families

One of the biggest struggles for families when moving to a different house is to find the one that will suit all their wants and needs. Having a child implies a number of things to be taken into consideration before renting a house. One of the main things to look for when looking for a new place to live as a family is how close to schools the potential house will be. Although school location may not be an important thing for general tenants, for families this could be a deal breaker. Even though this is not exclusive to families, having shops close by is a big plus when renting for a family. Being close to hospitals and transport links such as trains and buses will probably be one of the main requirements for families.

All of these factors mean that location is definitely one of the most important requirements when renting as a family, so if buying a house with the intention of renting to this demographic then you definitely want to check this thoroughly before investing in your property.

Although a garden may not be a deal breaker for some families the majority would prefer an option with a garden, to give their kids the chance to play outdoors and keep active. When renting to families, you will need to make sure the garden is safe and enclosed and preferably avoid any hazards such as ponds which could put off your potential renters due to safety concerns.

The landlord also needs to make sure that gas and electric certifications are up to date. General maintenance such as flooring, sharp edges, electric cables and deep cleaning should also be thoroughly maintained before the potential tenants move in, and make sure that the home is free from mould and damp to offer a clean and safe environment for young children to grow up in your property.

Being available and offering a clear communication channel with the tenants is especially important. All these are not necessarily applied exclusively to families. These are just a few things that should be considered for any tenant but are primordial to family’s wellbeing. Before getting tenants occupying the property, make sure you compare landlord insurance to make the best choice to cover you for all your needs.

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