Disney Cars Gear Up McQueen Review

Disney Cars Gear Up McQueen is a fun customisable Lightning McQueen car that allows you to try out five different styles of McQueen. We were sent this toy to review and R (4) really enjoyed playing with it, mixing and matching the different parts to change up Lightning McQueen’s look.

Disney Cars Gear Up McQueen Review

As you can see, in the box you get the basic Lightning McQueen car and then a collection of different car parts to swap onto the main body of the car to change his expression and features.

Disney Cars Gear Up McQueen Review

There are four different mouths, with smiles, tongue sticking out or an angry face.

There are glasses and binoculars that Lightning McQueen can wear, and all the features to turn him into a plane too!

Disney Cars Gear Up McQueen Review

Swapping the parts is easy, and R was able to do this himself without help. The pieces are all made of sturdy plastic and won’t break easily as the kids click them in and out of the main car, and are all quite large so hopefully won’t get lost easily around the house.

The size of this Lightning McQueen toy is similar to other large McQueens like the Off Road Racin Lightning McQueen

Disney Cars Gear Up McQueen Review

The customisable aspect of this toy help R’s attention longer than a normal car toy would. He is really into swapping things at the moment, and I’ve noticed this is a really popular thing with a lot of the popular boys toys ranges at the moment (with lots of swappable super hero toys, and figures).

Customising the Lightning McQueen allows for more imaginary play, and keeps it fresh and interesting. R’s favourite way to customise him is to make him into a plane.

Available from all good toy shops including online at Amazon for around RRP 32.99

Disney Cars Gear Up McQueen Review

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