How to find the top toys that your kids will really play with

Every child is different, and with these varied personalities and interests you will need different toys to best keep your child occupied and entertained. Recently, I was having this discussion with one of my mum groups about which toys are most used by our 4 year olds these days and it was really interesting to see the different trends.

Depending on your child’s personality, we will guide you through some of the top toys categories that will hopefully get plenty of play time, rather than sitting unloved on the shelf.

Construction Toys

Construction toys are one of the most popular categories of toys, which continue to keep children entertained even as they get older and outgrow some of the other toy categories. These are also great if you are looking for interactive baby gift ideas.

If you have a logical thinker, who enjoys following instructions and has the patience to see a task through in order to get the end result – then LEGO or Megabloks sets are ideal and will bring your child a lot of satisfaction. The complexity of the sets can be increased as they get older, but around 4 years old is a great age to start building sets like these if your child has the patience to see it through. Always choose high quality building toys for your kid.

mixed box of LEGO bricks in multi colours

For creative thinkers who want to think outside of the box, and bring their own ideas to life then a box of mixed LEGO bricks, or K-Nex, will be a brilliant open ended toy that will keep them busy for hours.

For kids who are into cars or trains then track building sets are a perfect idea. They can combine their creativity with their love of vehicles and keep busy making complex set ups with Hot Wheels track, or wooden railway.

Soft Toys

Soft toys are a multi purpose type of toy. They give your child comfort at night time, while they cuddle them to get to sleep but they are also lots of fun for imaginary play. My 4 year old daughter loves playing with soft toys and making up little stories with all of her softys, so we have quite a big collection and she gets them out all the time.

If your child has a specific interest, you can find some really nice soft toys that compliment that and may be more inspiring then just a generic teddy bear. This dinosaur soft toy from Top Toys 2 U is so cute, and you can also find lots of soft toys which tie into popular children’s TV shows or movies. Those type are always a hit with my daughter.

Blind Bags

Blind Bags are a really fun type of toy, which were not so popular when we were young but in today’s generation of YouTube they are one of the top toys. If your child loves the thrill of a surprise, and also enjoys collecting and organising, then blind bags will probably be up their street. One of the cool things about blind bag toys is that they tend to be very affordable so it is something fun that your child could even buy themselves with their pocket money.

Depending on their interests, you can choose all kinds of blind bags from My Little Pony, to Jurassic World and more. have a range of all kinds of toys available online, so check them out and see if you can find something that is just right for your child!

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