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As you may have read earlier on the blog, this year is the 10th anniversary of the book How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. To celebrate, we have a giveaway for a hardback anniversary edition of the book and you can also download the How to Catch a Star Printable Activity Sheets to use with your children.

I can’t believe we had not come across this book before! But it’s definitely better late than never and we have been really enjoying this lovely story.

To give more opportunities to discuss the story we decided to do some starry play activities. We were sent some glow in the dark star shapes in our special anniversary pack.

how to catch a star activity

 The boys enjoyed placing these on the pages of the stories to make more stars to catch!

how to catch a star activity

 They were also ideal to use as a template for us to make our own stars. We drew around the star shapes on the back of cardboard cereal packets, then cut them out and wrapped them up in foil to make them shiny.

how to catch a star activity drawing stars

 Mr Z was in charge of the drawing, and he enjoyed having the template to help him achieve a neat star shape. We made lots, using both the smaller and larger stars as templates

how to catch a star activitiesOnce they were cut out we collected the together and got ready to wrap them in foil. We simply measured suitable sized squares of silver kitchen foil and put a snip either side of each star point to allow us to wrap the foil around the stars neatly.

how to catch a star activities cardboard stars

Once we had made the foil stars, I mixed them back up with the glow in the dark stars and gave them to Mr R to explore. We used them to sort by size and by colour, and for counting games. Mr R also experimented with making patterns by placing different stars on top of each other.

how to catch a star activities

I gave Mr R some pens to draw on and decorate the silver stars, as foil is a different texture which he hasn’t used for mark making before.

how to catch a star activities drawing on foil

 How to Catch a Star is a great story, if you’re not familiar with the book read our review here.

If you have been doing any starry activities for the 10th anniversary of this book then share your ideas with me in the comments, I would love to hear what activities others have come up with. 

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