How to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education?

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All parents want their children to thrive, especially when it comes to their academic performance and overall development. However, not all children are naturally gifted; in fact, most kids will need support from their parents to help them succeed, which comes in many shapes and sizes. With other commitments, you might not always be around to help with homework, but there are lots of other ways to show your child that you are devoted to their education. We have teamed up with a private girls’ school to explore further below.

Provide them with an Uplifting Atmosphere

Try and provide your child with a positive home environment, where they are comfortable taking risks and failing from time to time. This means instilling them with confidence by praising them when they succeed and not being too hard on them when they don’t. Remind your child that they are only human and sometimes they will make mistakes, they just need to learn from those mistakes and move forward in a positive direction.

Attend Events at School

Be sure to attend events at your child’s school as regularly as possible, to show them that you have a keen interest in their achievements, both personal and academic. Attending Parents’ Evening is crucial, because you will find out where your child is progressing well and also areas that could use some improvement. You could consider hiring a private tutor to help with the elements of their education that they are struggling with. You should also try and attend things like sports day and school plays so that your child knows you care. 

Communicate with Teachers

If possible, you should also try and build a relationship with your child’s teachers by speaking with them frequently, either face to face or even over email. Ask them to provide you with some information about the curriculum so that you can compliment it with some fun learning activities at home. For instance, if your child is learning about photosynthesis, you could encourage them to plant their own seeds in the garden. Finally, consider organising a structured method of communication – for example, working with a teacher to develop a plan to manage behaviour is a great way to ensure that you are across your child’s learning experience.

Chat to Your Child About School

Talk to your child each even about their day at school but use open-ended questions so that they don’t give you a blunt, one-word answer. Find out which of their lessons they enjoyed the most and why. Ask them about their friendships and any other extra-curricular activities they have been involved in like math classes for kids. The more you talk to your child about school, the more likely they are to find ways to impress you and seek your praise.

Set-Up a Dedicated Study Space

As previously mentioned, you might not always be available to help your child with their homework. However, providing them with an efficient study space will be just as effective. This space should be free from distractions, neat and tidy, and equipped with all the necessary school supplies and books. Encourage your child to play educational board games or apps on their tablets, rather than spending too much time watching TV. Ask them to help you with the cooking or shopping, so that they learn various key skills, and remind them that these are important lessons for their overall development. 

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