10 Things You Can do to Motivate Your Partner to be Healthier

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Believe it or not, we tend to be more conscious about our health when we are single and often neglect it once we tie the knot or get into a relationship. While we aren’t yet sure about why such a thing happens, many say it’s because once you get into a relationship, you slowly lose the motivation to look good. Plus, there’s also a change in your routine and you may be left with little time to workout or hit the gym.

However, being married or in a relationship doesn’t mean you can neglect your health. Your health should still be your top preference. Therefore, it is your duty as a spouse to help your partner get healthy. Here’s how you can motivate them:

1. Go On A Diet With Them If They Are Overweight

Losing weight is a daunting task but it can become easier when there’s someone to provide support and motivation. Talk to your partner about their growing weight problem and visit a nutritionist together to get a diet recommendation. You can also join your partner and help them lose or gain weight. Of course, if you’re not overweight then you do not have to eat the same diet, but you can still support them by avoiding foods they can’t eat. Both can also easily grab this probiotics diet supplement for a healthy gut and a slim waist.

This will push your partner to do better.

2. Make Efforts To Reduce Their Stress

Stress is one of major enemies of health. If your partner is stressed out from work or finances then do things for them that make them happy. If they love a physical touch then hug them occasionally, participate in fun-filled activities that they like such as painting, swimming, etc. If it is work that is stressing them out, help them out by dividing the workload. But stay away from being too intrusive. You do no need to help someone if they do not need it.

3. Follow The Same Sleeping Pattern

Sleeping with your partner at the same time is more beneficial than sleeping alone because the stress level hormone called cortisol is reduced when you sleep with your partner.

Therefore, doze off with your partner early and at the same time and wake up at the same time as well. This can also be a good solution to a sexless marriage since sleeping together can increase your chances of making out.

4. Exercise Together

There’s no better way to stay in shape than to exercise, however, a busy routine can make it difficult.

As a spouse, set a specific time at home when you and your partner return from work to exercise together. This will motivate them to be consistent. You may also hit the gym together and hit the weights.

Taking supplements and pre-workout drinks may help you achieve your fitness goals by giving you a boost and sustain your energy all throughout. Check out your local drugstores or your trusted fitness stores for more info.

After all, couples who workout together stay together.

5. Explain To Them The Benefits Of Being Healthier

We often become too lazy and busy in our world that we forget the importance of being healthy. Remind your partner time and again that how important it is to be healthy to carry out a safe and happy future and build a family. You can motivate them about being healthy by dropping occasional messages in their inbox about benefits of drinking plenty of water (at least 8-12 glasses a day), consuming required amount of nutrients etc.

6. Set Goals Together

It becomes easier to complete or do something when there’s a goal to reach. If your partner is finding it difficult to cut weight, build muscles or simply be healthier then set goals together.

Mark the day on the calendar that’s today and set a goal of losing or gaining weight together or simply improving health in 6 month’s time.

Once you have your goal in mind, you can take the wingfinder assesment to identify your strengths and weaknesses which is a free online personality test that measures your strengths in four key areas: Connections, Thinking, Creativity, and Drive. Once you know your strengths, you can develop a plan to achieve your goal.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you might focus on developing your Connections strength by joining a weight loss support group or finding a workout buddy. You might also focus on developing your Thinking strength by learning about healthy eating and exercise.

7. Be Competitive

To help your partner get into shape, be competitive with them. Download a calorie counting app or weigh your weight every month to see who is more healthier.You can also turn it into a fun game, i.e: who can jog more. This can push your partner to work harder and give you a run for your money.

8. Visit A Doctor With Them

If your partner is deteoriting in health due to a condition then convince them to see a doctor with you. This will give them the confidence and the support they require to solve their health issues.

You two can listen to the doctor’s advice and do things accordingly.

9. Be Romantic And Take Them On Walks

The secret ingredient of a successful relationship is based on two things, romance and health. A causal walk with your partner early in the morning or at night in a healthy environment can do wonders.

Hold their hand, talk romantic and motivate them to walk with your everyday. This will improve their health and your relationship as well.

10. Shop For Groceries Together

Whether your spouse is a housewife or a busy 9 to 5 worker, set a time when you both are free and visit a grocery shop together to buy your favorite foods and make sure to only pick healthy options.

Let your partner know how important it is for you for them to be healthy.


Your partner is your better half, never ignore the signs that point towards their bad health. Take charge, motivate them and help them become healthier so that you two can enjoy life even more.

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