Hot Potato Game

Hot Potato is a traditional game that works really well with a larger group, so get the whole family involved or get out this game when the kids have friends around. The rules are so simple, and the game brings lots of laughs.

Hot potato game. Fun party game for kids

The game involves passing around the hot potato, and who ever is holding it when the music stops needs to take a “potato chip” card. Once you have three chips, you’re out and the game continues with the other players until a winner is crowned.

playing hot potato

Hot potato is great for children of 3+ and helps reinforce turn taking with the little ones, as well as being helpful for practising motor skills like throwing and catching. Small children will soon get the hang of passing the potato quickly around the circle and waiting for the music to stop, but equally it’s still a lot of fun for the bigger kids. We found this game worked great with all the children in our family, and adults enjoyed playing too!

After several rounds, we found that T is usually the hot potato champion of our family!

hot potato champion

Here’s a quick video of my three boys playing, as you can see there are lots of giggles with this game. I also love that the game is so simple – all you need is the potato and the cards, so it doesn’t take up much space at all and could easily be taken away with you to keep the kids entertained while on holiday or at relatives houses.

Hot Potato is available from Amazon, Tesco Online, Argos and many independent toy retailers, with an RRP of 12.95

hot potato game Paul Lamond

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  1. Awww brilliant! We had this, but it’s gone missing as all toys do with our kids 😉 We used it at a joint birthday party for our two daughters last year and all the kiddies loved it 🙂
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